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alone and sad...vent Rss

I feel so sad, im so alone, i have no friends and no family that live close by. DF works away 4 weeks at a time so he pretty much has his own life, he doesnt have a clue about pnd even though ive tried to explain so many times, this medication makes me feel ok sometimes then all of a sudden i will be sad and crying again or getting angry. DD has had a cold for the last 4 days and wont sleep in her cot of a night time so she spends 22hrs out of the day by my side, I love her but i need my own space the house is a mess. My MIL thinks that i need to spend more time with dd and lots of cuddles WTF? i felt like screaming at her. I have been so lonely for so long i thought i would be getting used to it
I've been feeling the same lately. I feel I don't have any close friends and my hubby is always getting annoyed with me because of my moods. I just feel so lonely. I hope your daughter is feeling better soon.


It can be so hard when people don't understand how you feel. My mum doesn't babysit for me a lot cause my little one screams a lot and my partner works a fair bit. I can understand how you feel, it must be hard to have DF away for so long at a time!

The medication does help with the good days but you are still going to have bad days (had one on Friday) and I felt so isolated all over again and couldn't talk to anyone (shame and fear of talking on the phone?).

The one thing I have found the most help is the PND support group I have joined. It is thru child health and has been really great to sit down with people who understand how I feel, perhaps something like that could help you? Where abouts do u live?

Oh and I am seeing a social worker who specializes in PND and she has been great are you getting any other support like that?
Oh me and DD have a cold right now also GGRR.. It makes things all the more difficult doesn't it?
hey ladies

kirakia - hope you have a good day soon.

oko1 - I live in maryborough qld. I havent heard of any pnd support groups here, might have to look into it. but there isnt much here help wise, i go to community health every 2 or 3 weeks but i think they only moniter my medication, i cant really afford to get counsilling or anything. i hope you and your dd get better soon. my dd is feeling a bit better today but i think im coming down with it now.

I have been thinking maybe i should find a job just to take my mind off things, but i have no qualifications in anything. Before DD was born i was a bar maid for 2 years a waitress for 2 months and worked in retail for about 9 months thats it and i didnt finish year 12. So i basically have no experience in anything, so stuff all to put on a resume.
I dont know what my purpose of being here is, except to look after dd because no one else would, and its not like im the worlds best mum im pretty average if that. I feel like im in a hole and cant get out, some days i just want to walk out the door and keep walking. DD is the only thing that stops me. One day im going to go to sleep and never wake up and that will be the day DF finds someone else who isnt sad and DD wont need me.
Your DD does need you, more than you realize! I think a lot of mummies with PND are so hard on themselves (yup, I'm one). You must be doing a good job at raising her, people who are actually BAD parents don't know it and that is what makes them that way! You can get free counseling if you speak to your GP they can organize that. I am in Brisbane (yeh that makes recourses available more easily), I was wondering if they have a child health clinic up there? They usually have social workers that are based at the clinic and can actually understand where you are coming from. Or the child health nurses often know where you can go to get more help.

I also have no qualifications and we don't have an extra money for anything much, so i get that. Do you think you would have the money to study, say part time? I am thinking of doing that, giving myself time away from bubs and helping myself get further in life. I have no ambitions tho and don't even know what I am interested in. So I am starting to build some day to day goals and then moving on from there. Would any of your old employers have you back? That might be a good start if they would.

Sorry you sound like you are having a hard time, I am actually having a good day so sending you good vibes. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Please remember that your DD does need you!
Hi thanks ok01 today is alot better then yesterday so far anyways. We have only just moved here a couple of months ago so i dont have any old employers here. Study might be good but im alot like you i dont know what i want to do i dont know any interests or ambitions, money is really tight also. Just dont feel that im good at anything iykwim Im going to see my gp this week try and find counseling that wont cost heaps. I hope your good day continues on for today
I agree with ok01. To your DD you are the most important person in her world. It's also obvious you are a good mum because you are getting help with your PND. Hope things keep improving for you. And please don't be so hard on yourself.


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