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Hello Vicky. How are you doing today? Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. It gives many of us hope to read such amazing stories. I am so happy for you. I can only imagine how you must have left when you got to hold your baby. It surely is an amazing experience. I have seen so many couples battling infertility. It is very saddening for some because they just keep on trying to no positive end. Also, some are not open to options like surrogacy. However one of my friend went for it. She is so happy with her decision. It was a long journey for her as well. Finally, when they had their baby through surrogacy, it just left me speechless. It was an amazing experience.
You are so right. Reading other peoples stories are so motivating. Specifically when it comes to infertility. It can just be so demotivating. I had completely given up on having children. Then my husband told me of someone in his circle who had a child through surrogacy. At first, I was unsure. But he was so adamant. We have selected a clinic in Ukraine and we will be visiting soon. I have heard so many good things. I really hope it works out. I hope everything works out for you too. Infertility can be so stressful. Love and best wishes.
Hello all! How are you? Hope you guys are doing fine. I had surrogacy. It was a really great experience. I still remember the time I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. It was so tough to handle all that. I was all lost. It was like the end to me. But then we came to know about surrogacy. And it helped us through the tough time. We feel so blessed. Everything went well. Now we have a little angel. We are a happy family. Thank you God.
Hello everyone. How are you? I truly have nothing out of order with my infertility. I have endometrial cancer. It is in my uterus. At this stage, it isn't that gigantic an issue. I'll start on chemo and in all probability, my uterus will get expelled. Regardless, I have been incited against getting pregnant. My doctors fundamentally said don't get pregnant. My DH proposed I should grasp the circumstance. I require my own children. Surrogacy came in my central goal. I'm examining it inside now. I hope it will go well for us. Wish me favorable luck. I would like to make it. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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