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AlyceConnorRiley's bub is here!!! Lock Rss


Hunter James born at 10:45am this morning after a 4 hr 45 min labour length 49cm and weighing 3.3kg my little fatty!!!

YAY!! Congrats Alyce DF and boys on the arrival of your 3rd son and brother
[Edited on 09/12/2009]
Congrats on your little boy's arrival smile
congrats on the arrival of hunter james,

OMG Thats madness!! Congratulations Alyce!!! I remember the back and forth texts whilst we were both at the hossy having our last bubs!!!! Love the name too! Enjoy your little one!
awww yay congratulations!!
That great news
Congrats on your new arrival

Congrats Alyce on the safe arrival of hunter
Happy birthday little man

Congrats on your bundle of joy

I use to be mottomotto3
congratulations! love the name hunter was thinking of having that name if im having a boy all best.

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