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fussy boys need ideas for dairy free anything Rss

i have 17 month old twin boys 1 of them is lactose intolerant but both are really fussy they dont like to chew much they love soups as long as they are pureed and thickened
they have some finger foods but it generally gets thrown on the floor and not eaten so i have to make them something else

i have tried just about ever recipe that is on here and 99% of them they dont eat
i have made almost everything they have ever eaten they have been on a preservative and sugar free diet since day 1 of solids until twin 1 got sick a few weeks back and lost a ton of weight and he would go days with out eating anything so i have given him anything and everything to try and get him to just eat but not much is going down

so any ideas or suggestions i will make and try
First I would take them to a doctor. You probably have already done that. Second, pasta. Have you tired pasta in the soup. My 3 year old will eat spaghetti by the boat load. In soup. In tomoato soup.
And we don't fuss about the mess. If there is a mess we just clean it up. What are you feeding them formula wise. I am not up with this side of things but I think there would be some sort of formula out there for lactose intolerant kids.
Wish I could help more.
Will they do a smoothie? Rice milk (or whatever milk substitute they will tolerate) and banana , you can chuck in an egg for extra nutrition. Adding olive oil to the soup will help with weight gain.
Hi, Try giving them incremin, buy it at the chemist, has a giraffe on bottel. My twin boys did the same thing at this age, lost heaps of weight, took them to doctor, all everyone kept telling was they will eat when they are hungry, wasn`t happening. So after much perisitence from my mum I tried this stuff, took about a week and mum was right they started eating. Oh by the way it is vitamins, I did some research on it and from what I read it seemed harmless and did the trick. Also mpersist in letting them feed themselves, it was hard for me, extra mess and all that, but they really enjoy feedind themselves. GOODLUCK, I know how hard it can be.
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