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Sooo DD has just turned 1 and I'm finding she's very sooky and clingy at home. I assume this is partly a developmental stage but I think it's also a bit of boredom. Daycare say she is always happy when she's there but apparently I'm not as exciting as daycare lol.

Anyway, I'm just after some fun and cheap ideas to stimulate and entertain her. I try and read to her most days, we go outside in the afternoon if the weather is good, we play chasey's around the house and sing/dance together. I'd really love some ideas - especially quiet sit down activities because I'm exhausted lol

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Little Miss's wrote:
Our library runs activities in the mornings. Not sure where you are but worth a look.
Finger painting, playdough, crayons.

Are you in Brisbane? I am, so perhaps one of my local libraries does some activities. Thanks for that I will check it out. I thought about playdough, she'll probably just eat it for lunch though...

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Little Miss's wrote:
Yep i'm in brisbane. Our library has rhythm and rhyme time on wednesday at 10.30. That is fun. Also a story time but it's a bit more for the older ones.

If you click on your local library it should tell you down the bottom what they offer. smile

Thanks for that, I think she'd love that!

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bump... come on ladies you must have some ideas smile

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dunno if this is what you're after.. but a few years back I looked after a 2year old for a few hours.. worst mistake of my life, he drove me insane so I mixed together cornflour and water to a thick paste and let him go crazy. He loved it, he would squeeze it and slap it went crazy really.. but it kept him busy for an hour or two.
What about when you are outside bubble wands, you can pick them up from Big W for like $1 my dd2 has loved doing this since she was little. Your dd can chase bubbles while you sit and blow them. Drawing or colouring in....crayola have giant crayons so you can sit and watch while she explores her artistic side, building with blocks, set up some empty plastic drink bottles and play ten pin bowling

Good luck hope you get lots of ideas
Have you looked at playgroups? They run for 2 hrs and by the end of it DS is so exhausted. It also gives you the opportunity to meet other mums.

They love anything textural at this stage so maybe some sand or water play. In winter I stick him in the shower with a pail of water with difft sized cups and containers and he loves it. Summer of course we are outside. Even a large bowl with some pasta and a spoon can keep them occupied. Just watch to make sure she doesn't put it in her mouth. I coloured some pasta so he could tell the diff between the pasta he could and couldn't eat.

Another thought...what about eye dropper painting. Suck up some paint in an eye dropper as when you squeeze the dropper it falls just like rain
There are lots of fun crafty thing you could do
Get a box paint and make a cubby
Glow in the dark bath play
Coloured water play
Rice play
Pasta necklaces
Backyard picnic
Shaving cream bath painting
Stacking cups, tupperware
Just some ideas

I work in daycare and we just tried this activity and it was great and recommend it to everyone.. You know the A4 filing sleeves? we put paint in them and use masking take to tape around all four edges, then they can use there fingers to move around the paint which helps them with sensory, you can also put paper in there to make a picture. and there is like no mess grin
We also just created a veggie garden and they love to water it and talk about the veggies and herbs that are in it.

Our little girl and most of the little bubs that come to our house love anything musical. We were given the FisherPrice Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space and it s a big hit. It made her feel very independent standing on her own before she was walking, now she just likes to wander over for a little dance. Best bit is I don't kind the music and greatly appreciate her independent play.

Highly recommend this product, only downside was assembly is not the easiest.
Do more activities at home like play football, playing video games and health related activities like exercise, yoga etc.
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