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Kids Activities


Piggy Paints? Nail Polish for kids Lock

Were not some of you speak me about piggy paints on here only a little while in the past? properl...

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Baby Swimming Lessons from 4 Months Lock

Swimming, a skill that proves to be a life saver at the same time a healthy activity to keep your...

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I have been taking my child to the pool since I was 1 year old, and now I have it like a little fish!


To invite or not??? Lock

My DD is turning 8 in a couple of months. One of her best friends that she has known for a numbe...

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It's a pity. that no one has advised anything yet, we have a similar situation in the family.


When kids are sick? Lock

Hi ladies, what do you do with your kids when they are sick with a cold or something? When you ca...

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I also do not go out with a child. when he is sick We draw, read together.


Mums, bubs or playgroups in the Hutt Valley! Lock

My 10 month daughter and I would love to check out any playgroups in the Hutt Valley area that an...

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Have a great idea. We should have to make our own entertainment area.


Horse swing Lock

hey, hope so you all are doing good. Well, meet my junior cousin. He is so sweet and cute pie. He...

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Check out these great ideas for keeping your kids entertained! Lock

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Like our youtube videos or facebook, get more off & coins. Such as tera gold,poe currency,Maplestory 2 Mesos and more, please g...


Over 350 fun activities for all ages! Lock

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Thanks so much for sharing the list- we also have heaps of fun events We welcome all children ages 18 months - 10years to join our...


Keep an eye on your baby's activities with a baby monitor! Lock

Baby monitors, especially the video baby monitors, are so useful in looking after your baby when ...

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Harmony Day! Are you doing anything with your kids? Lock

Hi everyone Harmony day is coming up on 21st of March 2018 and we're getting warmer! What ...

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Play Equipments for kids Lock

My boy is very much attracted to the toys. so i am planing to buy some indoor play toys or do som...

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Wooden blocks are a great choice for simple yet lasting fun. If you are looking for something that requires more activity, have you ...


4 year old party entertainment recommendations please! Lock

I am toying with the idea of hosting a 4 year old birthday party at home for my daughter. There w...

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Hey, You might be interested check out these activities for kids.


Halloween! Lock

I've been struggling to know what to do for Halloween but I found this blog with some good i...

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Summer is just around the corner! Check out these important pool and beach safety tips! Lock

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Thanks! Useful information!


Advice for mum new to Mornington please Lock

Hi I have just recently moved down to Mornington VIC, I have a 2 yr old and a 4 month old and wou...

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Kids party ideas Lock

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You can book a beautiful party hall and decorates with balloons etc.


Coffee groups in East Auckland etc Lock

Wanting to know if there any play groups, coffee groups or activities for mums and there babies i...

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Rhianahk - I know you posted this post 4 months ago but my daughter and I are joining the Howick Leisure Centre play-gym for babies....


Should I allow my boy to play with ipad? Lock

My 2 yrs old boy loves playing ipad. Sometimes he cries when I stop him playing. What should I do?

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It is ok to allow him to play with ipad but there should be limit to it, e.g. 30 minutes in a day. Schedules something interesting f...


Play group/Make friends in Townsville Lock

Hi there My husband, my now 1 year old son and myself moved to Townsville just over a month ago....

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Hey I have a one year old boy in Townsville , he doesn't have many friends yet , if you'd like to Catch up sometime that&#...


Trampoline Lock

We are looking at buying a trampoline for our son's 2nd birthday. What are people's e...

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I suggest you buy on crazysales. I bought several toys for my DS there and all are in good quality. Last time I checked they have tr...


mums groups. coffee group play groups Lock

Wanting to know if ther any play groups of mums coffee groups for both mum n bubs in tikipunga ar...

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Sam L

What to baby for christmas? Lock

Hi All I am trying to find something to buy my 7 month old (who will be 10 months old) for Chris...

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So many things, our little girl will be the same age and I am so excited! Bath toys Edible finger paint Board books Blocks Fun cube...


How do you keep your little ones cold as the temperatures rise? Lock

Let us know your tips and tricks!

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How do you keep your 1 year old entertained? Lock

Give us an idea of a typical day for you and your little one!

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Summer fun activities Lock

How will you keep the kids entertained?

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How much should you let your children play with iPads and smart phones? Lock

What do you think?

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Family day care Lock

Hi My name is Gayatri and I live in Pakenham VIC, 3810. I run a family day care from home and I ...

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Lockyer Valley Lock

hi I am just wondering if there are any play groups in the lockyer valley qld area?

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Looking for mums and bubs in Belmont area Geelong Lock

Hi I have recently moved to Geelong with my 11 month old daughter and I'm interested in join...

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Hi! Have your tried the Geelong Mumma's facebook group to meet new people in your area?


Playgroup or mother's group in Hoxton Park??? Lock

Hi there. I have a 10 month old son and new to Hoxton Park. Wondering, anyone know of a playgroup...

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Play group adelaide north Lock

Hi ladies! I'm a young mum with a 16 month old boy we have just moved to adelaide from perth...

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Looking for a SMALL Playgroup. Lock

Hi Ladies, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a small play group... I have a 3yr old (well in...

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