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I don't have a message tab to click on. I don't know if it is because I am using my phone. I sent an email to customer service last night to help
Oh yeah, it won't come up on the phone, you have to use a web browser. I think you can follow us by clicking the button near our profile. x
Ok. I will have to suss it out when I am home. Thank you for your help smile
Hi Mel,

I reached out on this site a while ago and was talking to a lovely lady every now and then but lived a fair way away and never met up and unfortunately stopped chatting.
I am in a similar situation. Have 2 step kids and none of my own. Have been trying for 2 years now with no luck which I feel makes being a step mum a bit worse not being able to have my own.
I would also love someone to talk to and hang out with to talk about difficulties and just know there is someone else out there going through the same tough times and have the same thoughts as myself.
Let me know if you ever want to chat. ????

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