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Hi Ladies,

I know a lot of the posts here are from over a year ago.

I am in Sydney and a step parent to a 19yo boy/man-child and a 9yo girl.

In need of a support type group. Did any of you start one? Are there any going in Sydney? If not I am keen to start something if there is any interest?


Hi I am in Sydney, Inner West and would be interested in meeting some other step-Mums, it's hard to connect with other people sometimes without feeling judged.
Hey, I'm a new step parent and also new to Australia. Living in the Annandale area and would love some friends in a similar situation to rant with!
Hi, I know these posts were quite some time ago but I was hoping there was someone still on here maybe from the South Coast area. I am a step mum and am struggling and would like to know other step mums are out there with the same problems as me?
Hi all,

I'm a new step parent to a 6 year old girl and was also hoping there was a step parent group in Sydney?

I live in the inner west. Please feel free to add me so we can organise a catch up smile

Hi, I sent out a post back in September but no one seems to be on here anymore.
I live down the south coast and am a step mum to an 8 and 5 yr old girls. It's a fair distance away but am happy to chat?
Not sure how it works on here, but have followed the ladies on this thread. Maybe we can PM each other if we follow each other?
I am unsure how to pm on here. A bit of help please?
I think if you follow me, we can Message. The message tab is just above on the right hand side x
I just requested to follow you both smile
Hmmm I can't seem to figure the request to follow thing out. I'm not very tech savvy.
Hi Kristie,

you should have a friend request in your message inbox!

Let me know if you can't find it
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