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Hi Everyone

Are there any support groups for step-parents in Sydney?

Or are there any step-parents out there who would like to catch up every now and then?

I find it hard talking to my friends about my situation and the problems it creates etc as they just 'don't get it'.
So I'd love to be able to chat to other people in the same situation.

Hi Mel,

I have just come across your post, noting you made it a couple of months ago now. I have 2 step children and, like you, have been looking for people in a similar situation to swap stories with as friends and family just cant quite understand.

I live in Sydney also. Did you find a support group, or are you still looking for others to connect with?


I'm also a Step Mother that is finding it difficult at times as I don't have anyone esle in the same situtation that can relate.

Happy to chat anytime. smile
Hi there,

I am a Step Mum also and looking for people that can relate to the situation too!

I have recently created a meetup group -

Would love people to join, as there honestly isn't that many support groups around for step parenting, if any at all!!!

Feel free to pm me also!

(step mum to 2 boys... 5yr and 2yr)

Hi there

i have been a step mum for 12 years and have lotsof hurdles inbetween, I now havea 2 and a 6 year old. Would love to chat and share stories.

I am from Sydney - sutherland Shire area
Hi All,

I know it's been a while since the last post but just wondering if there are any support groups in Sydney anyone is going to?
I'm a step mum to 2 (boy and a girl) and would love to hear from other step mums out there and experiences they go through.

I'm the only step mum out of my circle of friends and there are weekends I feel like throwing my hands up in the air and walking away which makes me feel like a heartless person!

I live in Sydney West
I hate to admit this but need to share with other "Step-Mum's"................... If I had my time again I would not marry a man with children from a previous relationship - there, it's out. :/
I always told myself I wouldn't be in a relationship with a man with children after being with one and now I find myself about to marry someone that comes with 2 !

Some weekends are fine and dandy and other weekends I just wonder how I ended up in the situation I am in. I just keep telling myself that it isn't the children's fault their parents are separated and I have enough love to give. I'm just lucky that they love me and don't resent me being with their dad

stepmum .. where in Australia are you from? Do you know of any groups in Sydney where step mums catch up?
I'm in Sydney south and no, don't know of any support groups for Step Mothers. I have looked but couldn't find any. Not even the local Community Centre could point me in the right direction.

I'm a step mum of a 2 year old girl and would love to meet other mums who are in a similar place. ???? pm me if you're interested.
I've been a step mum for the last 2 years, and 7 months ago, that changed from 'week about' to full time parenting. So many changes in my life, and so many positive things amongst those. I love my step children and I'm lucky they like me and don't resent my being with their Dad.

But damn, sometimes I've just no idea what I'm doing! 'Real' parents tell me it's the same for them - but when you're presented with a 4yo, 9yo and 11yo, it feels like a baptism of fire!

I'm also Sydney based (Sydney North West). I've been thinking for a while about starting a support group for step parents. There is just nothing out there. And given the high proportion of blended families in our communities, there should be.

I'm interested to hear from others as to what they want from a support group. Is it a place to share positive stories and funny experiences? A place to go to seek advice? A place to go to share stories of frustration or have a shoulder to cry on? Or a place to go to vent about how much they dislike their step-children or their partner's ex? Do we need to meet face to face or is an online community enough?

Let me know your thoughts! Or PM me if you'd prefer.

Hi ladies,
I am living in Sydney and wondering if there are any mums or supports groups for step mums. I was married and now seperated and now I have met the man of my dreams , but he has two kids and their mum died 5 years ago. I love the kids and they love me however I struggle a lot because my partner doesn't want kids and I want at least one. Are there any step mums out there that would like to meet up
In Sydney ??
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