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GTT test after pregnancy .... any positive results? Lock Rss

Hi all.

I randomly got Gestational Diabetes whilst pregnant with my little girl.
My Midwife and Drs were surprised as i'm not the "Normal" poster child for GD.

However - i went on to have to be on insulin and metformin.
Now i have had my baby and am required to do the follow up GTT test.

Has anyone been in the same boat and actually had a "Oh yes you still have diabetes" result come back?
I had GD with dd1 and when I had the follow up test I was a 'borderline diabetic' so was advised to continue healthy eating etc. I have GD again this pregnancy and my mother has also been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in the last 12 months so for me it is in the family so hard to escape it!

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