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Dental cost for a 4 yr old? hospital fees ect Lock Rss

Hi ,
we recently took our son to a pediatric dentist because he has a a couple of cavities. He is going to have to go under general anesthetic. We have basic extras cover that will cover some of the dental fees(i hope). My question is if anyone elses children have had to have similar procedures and how much were the hospital and anesthetist fees?
Why does he have to have a GA?

My dd had 4 cavities filled when she was 4 years old. They filled two, then we came back the next week for the other two. My dd just had happy gas. The first two they also gave her local anesthetiser to numb the gum, but afterward she was upset about that she couldn't feel her lip and wouldn't go back unless I got them not to do that part again. So for the last two she had happy gas and no anaesthetic.

She was just fine.

GA's come with risk, and its better to avoid them if you can. Ask your dentist what the options are. We went through a private dentist and it cost us $600 for dds fillings. With a GA it's quite likely just the cost of the anesthetist will cost you around that let alone the actual dental work.

Oh and we have bupa. They covered next to nothing! I think it was about $80 we got back. Pathetic hey! Most private Health cover does not give you much with dental.

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