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Possible UTI - 3 year old Lock Rss

Is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable tonight. At this stage it looks like she is a the beginning, where it burns when you go to the toilet.

I might give her a light smear of nappy rash cream.... any other ideas or anything I can get from a chemist?

Is OVER rude people

Have you managed to get a urine sample? There's not much you can do but give her water and lots of it. I'm not sure if ural is suitable for under 12yrs.
Cranberry juice,lots of fluids and Drs visit asap. Keep an eye on her temp as they can go from minor uti to major uti in hours and you may want to take her to the A&E or call an after hours Dr

Cheers NEss

You can give Ural, just half a packet, not the full dose. I can never get my DD to drink it though, as she hates fizzy stuff.

Personally I'd take her to emergency, as UTI's really need to be treated asap.
I'd take her to the A&E Michelle. When I get a UTI, it goes from slight stinging, to blood in my urine, in around 2hrs, and if I don't go to the Dr's asap, I end up getting really sick.

Might be different in a little one, but it's better to be safe rather than sorry.

Hope she feels better soon, poor poppet!
Thanks for the replies everyone. I now highly doubt she has an infection... lol. 1 hour after posting this there was screaming.... that she needed to do a poo! She has an awful habit of holding on and leaving it until the last minute. I couldn't take a urine sample.... because I was at the chemist buying specimin jars! Hubby said there appeared to be no discomfort when she wee'd, so I think it was poo pain... lol


Is OVER rude people

If it is bad go to the hospital, my 18mth old had a very bad fever and ended up a UTI had to antiobiotics given on a drip for 4 days in hospital.
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