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What do your kids do when you are cleaning? Lock Rss

Seriously, what do your kids do while you are on housework patrol. I can barely get a load of washing on before they are attempting to kill each other or being creative with ANOTHER tube of nappy rash cream and don't even get me started on the kitchen.

I know there are some people on here who say they vacuum twice a day so I want to know the secret!! If I vacuum once a week it's a super successful week!! And my kids don't do daytime sleeps anymore so that's not an option.
Well my dd follows me and pulls out everything I have just put away,so in my house it is a never ending cycle...haha

The joys of having a newborn...

That's pretty much what happens around here too! For some reason whatever I have just put away becomes the most interesting thing in the house, until I touch something else that is!!
my son cleans with me. i give him a damp cloth and he will wipe down the table etc.he has always been like that.roll of paper towel and woah he is set and loves it!
he asks me if we can vacum, don't get me started on the mop.
i think try to include them depending on their age, make it into a game and enjoy it, turn the music on and dance away the mess.

Danni, WA,

Hi! My son still has a afternoon snooze, so I get alot done then. Or in the morning when elmo and in the night garden is on. And usually a bit of a tidy up after ds goes to sleep at night.
i used to do mine at 9am when In the Night Garden started but now they have put on peter rabbit and DD is not interested so now whenever im ready i just put the In the Night Garden dvd on and DD will sit and watch it til i turn it off so i manage to get everything done without her pulling things out behind me, i also get things done while she is sleeping
I LOVE to vacuum because the boys are a bit scared of the vaccuum cleaner so they sit on the couch the whole time! sometimes i vacuum even if i dont need to just to get the sitting for awhile hahahahaha. is that evil?


Hmm, well let's see..yesterday went a bit like this:

While I washed the dishes, DS (15 mths) emptied the plastic containers out of the cupboard.

While I put away the containers, he pulled some styrofoam apart & spread the little balls all over the room.

While I vacuumed up the styrofoam he alternated between sitting in front of the vacuum head, and pushing the barrel part into my legs smile

Then he posted various things out the catflap for the dog.

While I collected those things, he put more out.

When we finished doing that (finally!) i hung some washing & he mauled the cat.

Then I gave up on housework for the day smile
my husband works away so when he's home i do a thorough clean.
Other than that i'll give DD a duster and tell her quick clean clean time. it usually ends up in my mop bucket with in 20 min and then that ends up on the floor in 10 sec after that! Dishes and washing i leave until late at nite or if it's one load i'll put it on and go to bed.
Other than that eveything gets kicked under the table/sofa/bed etc until daddy's home!

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