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I would love to join you all as well. I need to loose between 20-25kgs to get to a healthy wieght range. I did the Choens diet just before falling pregnant with DD nearly 3 yrs ago and was going to try again but its way to restrictive for a mum with 2 kids to run after. Any hints ir tips will be great. I have got the first CSIRO book and will read up on that soon.

I WANT to loose the weight for ME so not for anyone else so hopefully that helps me on myu journey.

Hi girls, well i wanna join too, Im Taneen and have had 2 babies in just over a year so I want to tone up my flabby streched tummy and lose about 15 kg to get down to what I was before I had DS an DD. I've currently been doing the Wii fit for 1/2hr during the day and have lost 15.1kg in 3.5 weeks, 2.1 of it has been in the last 2 wks on the Wii fit. Ive managed to keep it off too which Im quite proud of. Chin up ladies xx

Welcome to everyone that has joined. I have loved reading your stories, most of them sound so much like me.

Well today is pretty much day 1 for me. I have started well and have worked out on the weight watchers plan I can have 25 points a day.

I have started with breakfast which is great for me as I never eat breakfast. I had 45g sultana bran and half a cup of milk. I now will jump on the treadmill for 20 mins this morning.

I really hope I can stick to it this time. Good Luck I hope you all have a great day.

I'm in too!!! I would like to lose about 10kgs+ and tone up. I just weighed myself this morning and I'm currently 84.1kg. I was about 72kg when I met DH and before having kids, and would like to get back there!

My biggest weakness is chocolate too and also, with 2 kids at home with me all day, I find it hard to find time or motivation to eat, so then I end up snacking, which is really bad!!!

I am hoping to really get serious, though I'm a bit of a procrastinator me!!!

Liz x

hello this is my first time joining a weight loss thread

i started my weight loss last year weighing in at 105kg
with the help of weight watchers and reductil i lost 25kg
i gave up weight watchers sadly and slowly i put weight on
my current weight is 97g

i am doing a hour a day on my wii and am trying out the biggest loser shake diet for breakfast and lunch and for dinner i follow my ww books

good luck everybody and look forward to supporting you al on the road to a healthy 2009

mum to 2 girls and one little man with ASD and ADH

Posted by: mummyto3cuties

i am doing a hour a day on my wii and am trying out the biggest loser shake diet for breakfast and lunch and for dinner i follow my ww books

What are the Biggest Loser shakes like? Do they REALLY fill you up and what do they taste like?
Hi Guys,
This is a great idea! I have to lose about 35kgs..if not more cause I'm so short. I was extremly fit sept 07 and now after being pregnant and using that as an excuse all last year it's time to change.
I have no gym anywhere near me but i do have a beach and a pram!
Good Luck

Belinda x
Is anyone on FaceBook?
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Im in...but I will be starting on the 6th when DH goes back to work LOL He just makes and eats too much of the goodstuff so theres no point even trying till he is out of the picture for awhile...

I have done nothing but gain weight since being an SAHM and even doing Bootcamp and netball for a total of 3x a week hasnt done anything as too much is going in OOPS

Well I plan on doing the meal replacement shakes as I find if I eat then I want to continue. The shakes also stop cravings but I still feel hungry but I can handle hunger better than cravings....does anyone know (besides duromine) what I can take to help eliminate hunger

Anyway GL to all and I hope you guys can kick my fat butt when needed as I will yours LOL

Question time Anyone know of any meal replacements/shakes that aren't whey dominant? I am dairy intolerant and while I can tolerant some dairy, I can't tolerate most types of shakes...they give me tummy cramps and make me throw up...sorry TMI.

Liz x

I confess i need to loose weight this is probably the biggest reason why i cant fall pregnant!. After having my son and daughter ( yes thats right to babys 10 months apart) in 2007 i really havenot tried to loose weight. I am 95kg use to be 70kg i am a shocking fad dieter who lasts a week.

I have decided 2009 i need to clean up my act!. I have had 2 emergencyy ceasers and i have a nasty flabby yucky icky belly,

so i will be walking for 30- 50 minutes a day in the afternoon and during the day i will do 30 minutes on the excersise bike.

I am so unfit and i cant fit into any of my old clothes, makes me cry i have gone from a size 14 to a size 20.

I have used every excuse for not excersising from its to hot, to its raining today.

most of all i feel so bad my mum is turning 50 and she looks physically great, i am 29 years old and i am obese.

We went swimming yesterday and i couldnt even fit into my swimmers had to go in a singlet and shorts.

I dont want to embarrass my kids when they get older by being fat and unable to play with them.

Got my biggest wake up call in 2008 when my very fit father died of a cardiac arrest.

so count me in, i will report my progess as much as possible, and please feel free to kick me up the bottom if i look like falling of the weight loss wagon.

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Welcome to everyone that has joined today.

I am sorry I can't be of much help in regards to shakes as I have never tried them as they for some reason don't appeal to me. But I really hope you find one that is suitable. Maybe try google first and then go into a chemist. Good Luck.

Woohoo...I have just found out that Tony Ferguson do soy shakes...only 2 flavours, but at least one of them is chocolate...hehehe!

Not sure about it yet, but will speak to DH and see what he thinks...I value his opinion...not sure how I'll go cause I love my food too much, but might be worth a try!

Liz x

PS. I am on Facebook!

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