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There is heaps of ebay most being under $10.

Here is a link to one.

I'll join too I want to lose around 10kg but really I just want to be fit and eat better. I have just found my motivation as DP has bought an engagement ring so I need to start preparing for a wedding and we are planning on trying for number 2 later this year. I am too shy for the gym but I do enjoy swimming, bike riding and the wii fit so I don't really have any excuses not to exercise. Good luck everyone!
I'm in too. I lost 32kg last year and I just cant shift the last 5-8kg (depending on what scales i use) I am back at the gym, have a treadmill, bike and wii fit at home. Bring on the biggest loser i say, I always work out while watching it. I find it motivating. So from tomorrow NO MORE MORE CHOCCIE sad and ice cream......... and increase my water intake.....

Good luck everyone smile

Welome princessdaddynme and NicS83.

I know what you mean about the Chocolate, I love it too and most days would eat it. very naughty.

Congratulations princessdaddynme on your engagement. I hopefully would like to start planning my wedding too. I am thinking 2010 as we will have been together 10 years that year, but we will just wait and see where money takes us this year. lol.

Good Luck with your weight loss and keeping fit.

I need to lose weight and tone up to.
As I don't own any scales it's hard to say how much i need to lose but i have heard that you should measure yourself to not just weigh, so i will attempt to do that tomorrow as i know my daughter will try and play with it.
Back in August my DP's step dad told him congrats that we are expecting another baby. (DD is 11 months now) i just laughed it off.
but my nanna said to me the other day "Amanda you should really do something about your tummy"
so i'm glad i saw this thread today as my sister said to me earlier when i was over there for dinner "Your sure your not pregnant, you look it"
My weakness is chocolate too like a few other ladies. so i'm going to make 1 day where i can have a treat of a chocolate bar hehe
Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR
Hi Girls,
I need the inspiration to,I have about 20kg to lose i just need to get off my .....and use my treadmill. I am engaged too but cant wear my ring I dont want to resize it so thats my aim to wear my ring and then plan our wedding.
Hi girls, would love to join in, I have started a diet on Monday, i'm getting married in september and want to get back to my pre baby weight (35kgs!!!!) dd was in hossy for 6 months after birth so i ate WAAAY too much from the vending machines and take away! put on another 10kgs more than when i was preggers! dd is 17mths old now so no excuses!! I have a wii fit, and a book with calories of just about every food you can think of! doing 45mins daily of aerobic and yoga on wii, eating 1200 calories or under daily, and chasing dd and df around! good luck to all!! xo

mummy to isabella, 07/07/07


dd#2 is 12 weeks old. i have lost 9.5kg so far. my goal is to loose 5kg more to be back to my pre pregnancy weight. i also need to tone up.

as a family we have started power walks. (kids in pram & bjorn) hubby said he'll buy me a pilates DVD tomorrow. we did groceries today & i'm following the good food pyramid.

i haven't had chocolate in 8 days. i've been snaking on nuts & fruit. i have a 2lt water bottle which i try to drink up daily and have limited my coffee (lite) to 1 cup in the AM
Hi everyone!
I saw this thread in hottopics and i so need to join you girls! I was about 70kgs when i fell pregnant and when i had her i was over 100! I have abstolutly no idea where that number came from, i did heaps of exercise and ate rite ( mind u i didnt deny myself the odd treat..)
Now im 94kgs. A lot was fluid but now i just need to lose some of my bum :s
Im engaged and i blamed my ring not fitting on the swelling.. im still a little swollen ( i know this because im having joint probs in my knees, hip area and fingers and it hurts!) yeah so a little swollen but i too want my ring to fit! And we planned on getting married in sept but we are moving into our house we just brought on monday!! So we too will see how money goes this year smile

My goal is 15kgs, but id love to lose 20 or so..
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Also, best of luck to everyone! I hope we can all keep each other motivated grin

PS I had a CS so when im not hurting i will def try walking again lol

Also, i feel so much smaller since having bub, i can now see my ankles! I had really intense swelling of nearly every body part.. glad my face and legs and feet r a lot better tho grin
I'm in!!! I wanna lose at least 10kgs, 15 would be nice!!! (but i'm aware that muscle weighs more than fat, so as long as I'm loosing the fat and gaining the muscle i'm not so concerned about the weight... I might do measurements when i get off here, then do it fortnightly to see how i'm going!!!

I'm going to try menu planning for the week and do the food shop based on it!!! ( I might aim for a 4 week cycle..I love trying new recipes)

I'm cutting back my choc intake to 3 squares a day, there is NO WAY i'm cutting it altogether!!!!
I'll aslo go for walks with the boys in the pram and use my exercise bike, might even get some dvds, yoga etc and some hand weights...

Good luck everyone!!!
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Count me in too.

Before I had DS last year I weighed 50kg got up to 75kg when pregnant and now sitting around 63kg.

I know a lot of people will say that I'm whinging for nothing being 63kg, but for me its heartbreaking! I want to be able to fit into a size 8-10 again. (I'm really short and the extra weight does NOTHING for my appearance).

Also, I'm sick of DP's fat jokes - they are really starting to hurt my feelings sad

I would LOVE to lose 10kg.
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