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hey just wondering if anyone here has gotten a boob job?im planning to(ofcourse i may chiken out!LOL) have one after i finish b/feeding dd2 and wanted to know how ppl went with it plus recovery also roughly how much they paid??....thanks!!

hey i haven't got one..i was considering geting one because my boobs are horrible after breastfeeding my son a few years ago. to the point i can't stand to look at them or touch them, it literally makes me feel sick and cringe.
my friend got one earlier this year, it cost her around 5grand if i remember correctly, she pays it off at like 50buks a fortnight or something simple like that, her recovery time was easy, within the week she was out shopping for new bra's while the swelling went down. they look real and everything and she hasn't had a problem with them.
i dont no if i have the guts to go thru with one or what. its a huge decision n im scared of what if i didn't like it etc. maybe talking to a surgeon about it first would help make a choice. let me know how u go.

Danni, WA,

Hi, i have had one! It cost about $10 thousand all up. Was sore for about a day or two but nothing horrendous. (just cant lift arms up to high or it hurts) It was a peice of cake, and best thing i ever did. Plus i fell pregnant less than a year later, and successfully breastfed my daughter for approx 7months. And after that they look even more natural not even my lactating consult knew!! I had to tell her.

Dont be scared, just research your surgeon. If your in NZ, i had mine done in Tauranga and he was brilliant!!
My confident levels in my body is so much better and i no longer look at my droopy saggy skins and cry!! (They were gross after breastfeeding my first) GOODLUCK and GO FOR IT smile

Mum to Campbell (7) Kaitlyn (2) and Pippa (newborn

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