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Hi, I am new here, just trying to figure out how to post!. I am about to start duromine next week and looking for others doing the same, just to share experiences and hopefully a bit of weight loss!
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been there done that, i didnt sleep for days, plus i couldnt eat a thing for like 4 days.
i wouldnt take it again, the weight came back as soon as i stoppped.
did anyones else have the same problems
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Hi i have been taking duromine for 4 weeks now & have loved it. I have lost a total of 7.5kg, I havent had any problems with it. I have only used it as a helper to stop snacking on all the bad stuff, im a emotional eater/bored eater/eat for the sake of eating, I was just eating all the time & couldnt stop, Chocolate was my biggest thing, i could by a block & eat it all in one day. When I started on the tablets I said no more, u need to change ur eating habits so i have. I found them good if u r like me not only was i eating all that i was also having nearly the same size serves as hubby, we hardly ever ate salad or fruit. I now have fruit for bfast, snack (fruit again) lunch is meat & salad, 4pm snack of fruit 7pm tea normaly salad with anything, even pizza. I have made my portions a lot smaller & eat as much salad as I wont.
I also know that u cant take Duromine for the rest ur life so im doing as dr suggested and after xmas will start taking 1 every two days for a month then stop. I have also only just started walking 2 days ago, something i found i couldnt do very easy before.
Hope this has helped u some & if u have started how r u going/
I've been on duromine and I too, wouldn't take it again, not now since having kids anyway. Yes, they keep you awake and full of energy and you lose lots of weight but I found that I got edgy, cranky etc after a few weeks on them. I stopped taking them and I also doubled the weight i'd lost.

3 gorgeous children to love forever

be careful with that stuff.
do you realise that duromine is like speed.
why do u think it helps you loose weight, full of energy, needing less sleep, eating less...oh and then when your off, weight comes back, you get edgy, cranky, short tempered etc. cuz your coming down off it.

don't mess with it unless you know what you could be up for.
and don't say its ok cuz u'll be careful and all that crap. i would strongly advise to try something else before that.

Danni, WA,

Hi there
Losing weight should not be done with meds such as duromine. Its about lifestyle changes. You should be eating 5 - 6 sml meals per day. The best way to work out how much you should eat. eg. If you take 1000calories per day divide this by 5 which is 200. Therefore eat 200 calories per meal. This will allow your energy intake to be spread out over the day therefore not having the chance to store as fat because you have worked it off a lot quicker.
Start exercising, walking 30mins per day and increasing this to 2 to 3 times per day, if doing this on your own at home.
If you can I suggest you join a gym. I pay $13.50 per week which is not much and I get a programme to suit me which includes weight training and cardio classes. I love training and it releases endorphines which makes you happy and relieves stress. I now crave exercise and need it every day.
The gym I attend has a creche and my children have loved it. They enjoy the social aspect and make new friends as you will. My 4th child got up in the morning and got his bag ready to go. If I wasnt going that day due to other things to attend to he would say awww come on mum.
If you would like to chat some more pls dont hesitate to contact me. I have a passion for health and fitness and am studying cert 3 in fitness and intend to go onto cert 4 to become a personal trainer.
I would love to help to motivate you to make the lifestyle changes necessary.
I have totally changed my lifestyle but I will admitt that I was not strong enough to get past all the cravings as well as dealing with 3 kids, it was extra stress that I really didnt need at that time, and taking Duromine helped me get throught that. It is something that I would not take unless my Dr thought that it would be ok for me, I also went to the Dr 1 week after taking it then 2 weeks later then at 6weeks & am going every month monitoring my progress so I think that is ok. I dont know how u managed to walk 2 - 3 times a day for half a hr, but i know that there is no way that I could manage to do that, I walk/run nearly 4km every morn, & its not a flat road, I have hills, i then take the kids for a little walk around our sheds, & I also do as much gardeneing & other physical jobs as I can. There is now way I could eat 5 - 6 meals a day either but I do have 3 main meals then have 2 - 3 snacks, which to me probably ends up the same cals. Oh yeah i would love to go to a gym but our nearest one is nearly 60km away, I know that they have weights that u can use but no creche & only evening cardio classes, so anyone who has a gym nearby u r so lucky. I agree that Duromine can be dangerous but I also think that it can benifit some people if properly monitered.
Ok so i started on Duromine. I took it for 2months in a row, stopped for 3months and kept going on my own, took another months worth and then stopped

I am now 30kgs later and have mainted my weight (apart from pregnancy) for well over 18months now

You NEED to eat, you HAVE to exercise and get yourself into a good routine. you also need to get up early enough to take it so it wears off before bedtime.

I didnt rely on it to lose weight, just to give me a kick up the bum.

Duromine is NOT speed and you won't "put the weight back on" if you are smart.

I dieted and exercised religiously and im proud to say i lost most of the weight on my own once i stopped taking it, it just helped me to 5kgs or so to begin with.

Most people are not suitable for duromine, especially if you have history of depression, high blood pressure or other medical conditions and i don't recommend it to anyone... but if someone has decided to take it, i like to share my story too
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