My wife and I had an unplanned pregnancy. We're about 5 weeks into it now. We are torn between going ahead and terminating. We already have two normal children. One is 9 and the other 3 years old. Both my wife and I are 39 years old, and we're of Asian heritage.

There are some studies suggesting autism & schizophrenia risk increases with paternal age.

I suppose our risk is lower the general population (1 out of 150) since we already have 2 kids with no autism spectrum but the paternal age factor worries me a bit. I am very risk averse.

I'm not sure if we are strong enough if we do end up with an autistic child, and I can't imagine how unfair it is for our two kids. There are other minor 'concerns', i.e. i) the first two years of birth is always the most work and we need to go through that again, ii) we travel overseas 2-3 times a year and the extra headcount will make a difference in terms of plane, taxi, hotels, etc.

That's the brutally rational side of me thinking. On the other hand, I am torn and longing to meet the new baby. I like the idea of a bigger family and for my kids to look after each other when they grow up.

Any views appreciated....