Hello all

We live in Houston our first baby born on December 23, 2014. He is a little over 9 months old now.

The reason for this post is we wanted to get together with other families in Houston having the same problem/struggle.

His low muscle tone was first identified by his pediatrician in TX Children Hospital. At the time we never heard of hypotonia nor "low muscle tone". Upon learning this problem, I immediately called Easter Seals which was recommended by his pediatrician for them to evaluate the situation.

Within a week or so, one occupational therapist and one physical therapist came to our house for evaluation. After 2 hours of testing evaluating and asking 100 questions to us, they came up with physical therapy and "special skills therapy" recommendation. Special skills therapy is different than speech skills the way they explained to me. Altay at his 9 months old age, he supposed to make other noises than bababa mamama which I don't remember the details now. And obviously he is not making that. Like he supposed to use other letters as well but he is not.

So after looking at the costs and other things, we decided to take PT sessions only for now. Basically, he has low muscle tone and drooling all the time. He seems to be alert and curious but I guess not enough to be classified as a typical 9 month old. Also, he can not sit up without help and can not find balance by himself while sitting up. He sits like a full sack not straight up as if he does not comprehend the gravity nor the need for sitting up. Hence the need for physical therapy.

If you live in or around Houston, please PM me.