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Dyspraxia, anyone? Rss

Hi all,
Just wondering if there is anyone out there with a dyspraxic child. You may have been told your child has DCD or Global Developmental Delay - they're all names for the same thing.

My DD is now 6 and loves being at school, which she was able to begin at 5 as is usual here - yay! She was diagnosed at about 3 years old; back then we were told while she is only 'moderate' on the scale they presumed she would be unlikely to begin school at 5. Shows what they know!

I chose not to return to work and instead enrolled myself in a host of programmes to help her, like Incredible Years for behaviour, Hanen Speech courses for her speech and language delay, and fought hard for funding to get her Physio and OT support. We also did gymnastics, swimming and music lessons in the year or so prior to school starting. It was full on, but it was worth it. She now attends ballet and will begin her first sports program next term.

It'd be great to chat to other parents, especially in the Wellington area. Thanks!
I also have a daughter with dyspraxia, diagnosed at 5 (now 7). I live in Paraparaumu, is that anywhere near you? I am on internet today looking for info and stumbled accross your post; my daughter is under CAMHS for help with 'emotional self-regulation', I had a meeting with the psychotherapist we see yesterday (who incidently I think is useless and constantly critical of us as parents!). She informed me that I have caused my daughters dyspraxia by not breastfeeding her! I tried hard for six weeks but she never managed to latch on and in fact I have heard that children with dyspraxia often are hard to breastfeed because it is difficult for them. Now I'm not sure what to think! Interested to know if you breastfed DD and has anyone said anything about this to you before? My DD has mild dyspraxia I think, we were told out of the 5% of the population that have it she is somewhere in the middle for severity. We do occupational therapy privately in lower hutt and I also did incredible years, hasn't been much help from the public system though until this camhs stuff which pukitiro got us into but we've been going for months now and I don't feel they have done anything to help her! And now accusing me of causing it all by not breastfeeding her! (meltdowns, anger management, lack of empathy and intense jealousy of sister aged 3 are the main emotional issues they are meant to be helping with to name a few!) Any thoughts?
Hey Plebbs!
Bella was exclusively breastfed from day one - it took us a while to get established but she was a trooper. I can't believe that was even suggested! From what I've heard, Otago Uni researchers believe dyspraxia may be caused by oxygen deprivation either in the womb or during birth, while University of Leeds researchers think dyspraxia is genetic - either way, no one knows for sure. I've never heard anything about it being related to breastfeeding though! (Although like you I have heard some dyspraxic children struggle to breastfeed).

I'm sorry to hear you're not getting the support you need, it can be hard when it's via the public health system - I remember feeling like it was impossible to get a second opinion - but you can! If you're unhappy with the person you are seeing, ask if you can see someone else. It can't hurt to try! We're on Wellington's south coast so the services we used were based by Welly Hospital, the Child Development Team in Ewart street. I don't know the services up the coast sorry. Now she's at school Bella is seen by a physio and OT from Kimi Ora School - they have a mobile team that goes out to public schools to help kids like B. Bella's teacher was the one that applied to them and it's made a world of difference - have you spoken to your DD's teacher about what they can do? RTLB's have access to resources that can help, and teacher aides within the school can be invaluable.

Hope that helps!
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