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Really need some help and advice please.. O.D.D?? Rss

Hello everyone,

My partner and I have 3 gorgeous boys, DS1- 7, DS2-6 DS3- 5.

When i was pregnant with our our DS3 things weren't all that great, The dr's told us that he had abnormalities and pressured us into looking at an abortion as he was pointing towards 3 different diagnoses 2 of which bubs wouldn't survive. He tried making his point by saying that 'I need to think of my 2 other children and how traumatic it would be for them to wake up to there brother, dead in his bed.' Mind you this was all over the PHONE! I said no, I wanted further testing to be done. A few days later I was booked in to have an Amniocenteses, the results showed that all the little abnormalities where not cause for a panic. They were not linked and he would be ok with treatment for those, however the lady informed me that when DS3 hits the age of about 3-5yrs if we notice any drastic changes especially in behavior we should bring this up with our GP & Dr's and have him assessed.

At 2.5yrs old i noticed a change, It was like an over night change, My darling little toddler that i kissed the night before had been switched with a naughty and horrible little child. Our family kept saying oh it's terrible 2's he's ok, he'll grow out of it etc etc but deep down i felt there was more to his outbursts, but with dh saying the same, i kept my feelings in.. Then came the puching, kicking, hitting people with anything found stage and dh started agreeing that there is more to it.. Our family have moved onto the we don't follow through with punishments etc etc, this has lead to huge arguments and even communication break downs with them. The GP sent us to the Positive Parenting Program (apparently thats the first step), but things they have set arent making things any better. I know it will be a long road, so dont get me wrong, but he is now 5 and starting school in Jan, Im worried. He is ok when he doesnt know you that well, but when he does he is just naughty.. The GP and I have spoken and with everything that is and has gone on he suspects ODD but now the issues is what is the underlying condition.

If anyone has a child with ODD, what do you do?

(Sorry this is all over the shop, and we changed GP's after DS3's birth as we were cared for by the hospital from the date of the amnio)

Forever in our hearts....


I would speak to your GP about referral to a Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Psychologist.

I am not sure where you are located but if you get a Better Access to Mental Health Care referral that will rebate you to see a private Psychologist and and Enhanced Primary Care Plan to see the OT.

Otherwise if you have private health you do not need a referral to access these services.

They will look further in to the behaviour, provide you strategies and work with your son.

Good luck smile
SwediesPie- Hello, We are in QLD. Im going to see a peadiatric Therapist on friday. Thanks for you help it is greatly appreciated.

HappyHead- Hello, DS3 is 6 in August and has to go to school this year (Unfortunately). He has started and we are only a few weeks into prep but he is enjoying the structure of school and having fun. His teacher and I have had a few meetings and we are going to continue this throughout the year so we both know exactly what is going on. This is helping ease the stress and worry, thankfully.

Hoping to find an outcome of the 'underlying issue' soon.

Forever in our hearts....

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