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I am seeking other parents who have children with O.D.D for support.
My son, 10, was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD about 4 years ago. I am really struggleing with the ODD as he is getting older and could use some pointers from anyone going through the same thing. I am in Brisbane QLD. We see a psychologist and a Psychiatrist.

his behavour is appauling and I can't seem to get a grip on it. We have melt downs over just about anything (unless of course it's something HE wants to do). His melt downs are causing damages to the house (holes in walls and we have had a broken window etc) and it's costing me a fortune in repairs! I am trying my hardest to :Chose my battles" however it's not always so easy.

His behavour is causing problems with his schooling, he is currently on short days and attending his 3rd behavour program (one day per week)

Has anyone ever overcome the dreaded ODD??
Boot Camps?
Support groups?

I'm drained, exhausted and lost at this point in time. I really need something to start working for me. I also have 2 younger children to care for.

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Alleira Joyce Christine 24.05.2012

What is your child's diet like? My brother has ADD ODD ect my parents had a strict no sugar rule and he couldn't eat preservatives. But you probably already know this.

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My nephew has this but his father refused to do anything about it as he doesn't believe in meds, phychologists, phychiatrists etc. My nephew is now 16yrs and hasn't got a whole lot better. Their lives have been a living hell for years. My nephew is really smart but threw away his education because he was bored. He now works part time at Red Rooster. What a waste of his life. I am curious as to what others may have to say on the subject. I certainly hope you get some good ideas from here. Good luck.

My daughter was diagnosed with the same aprox 4 years ago. She is medicated with Rubifen 10mg 3 x a day and it does manage a lot of her extreme behaviour. At the beginning of this year our Psychiatric wondered how much of her oppositional behaviour was anxiety as more often than not it is related to some kind of expectation from her (school work, tests, reading our loud, talking to people, being asked to do something etc) and so he decided to trial her on Fluoxatine and it has been amazing. It's not a magic pill but she is now less anxious and more cooperative and her melt downs are usually within normal range instead of full on. We'd always said it was like she suffered performance anxiety all her life and maybe we were right smile
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