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newly diagnosed ADHD - What Now? Lock Rss

Hi everyone. DD, nearly 6 has just been diagnosed with ADHD. Her pead has recommended a one month trial of medication. Now, I have no problem going down that path, if it's necessary. What I want to know, is what other alternatives are there??? If we do go on meds, what can we expect? If we chose not to medicate, what can we expect? Anyone who has been down this road, I'd love to hear what you would suggest or recommend. Cheers
There is actually an evaluation survey for ADHD and last year my sons teacher, principle, doctor myself and my mum all filled one in separately according to his behaviour and the scores were all extremely high .My son is ten and has had major behaviour issues since kindergarden.I have been told to change his diet to absolutely no additives and preservatives etc and have been dealing with childs psycologists for a number of years .He has now been diagnosed with anxiety.So who knows.All I can say is study everything about ADHD before you make any choices.There are all different levels and intensities of the diagnosis. really want to try to medicate my son to see if there is any signs of improvement but I promised my father who has now passed two years ago that I will not give my son medication (lots of people believe that it just masks the behaviours and it doesnt actually change or heal them)and that I will try and manage his behaviours with structure and strategies .It has come to the point now that my other 3 children are suffering big time due to him and Im tempted to go against my promise in the hope that my dad will forgive me.So you are your little girls mother with a beautiful intuition and you just have to totally follow what you feel is the right way to go cause Im still in limbo aswell.Also I would highly recommend a second or third opinion and even write down the main things that your daughter is doing to make you have these concerns and look into all of the other symptoms that other lifestyle or envirnmental contribute to .I hope that makes sense
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