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Is there a link between the MMR jab and ADHD Lock Rss

I will prob cause some issues here and dont mean to, but I was just wondering prob for my own mind.

After reading how our kids get ADHD and finding out its either in there genes or if you smoke while expecting, these seem to be the main causes.

Well one I didnt smoke while expecting and secondly none of my family or husbands family have any issues with ADHD

So myself and my husband where allways abit scarred about giving our son the MMR jab and did alot of researce into it, we where looking at getting the single jabs when we where back in the uk, any way they was alot of talk about that to. So we didnt do anything we had heard to many bad storys.
when we came out to oz and our son was 3 and half, we got told we had to give him the jab for him to be able to go to child care etc, we put it off until he was 4 then thought he is not much a baby any more and his liitle body should be able to take it, within 3 days of having the jab he was climing the walls with pain in his tummy, the doctors told me he just had a bug and it wasnt related.
Then a few months later they said he needed the booster, which turns out he didnt need but thats another story, he was given it again and yes same thing happened, since then he has allways compained every now and then of tummy pains.

when he was younger he never showed signs of ADHD and he allways loved his sleep he was a very good baby, he started sleeping through the night at 2 and half months. We only found out he had ADHD when he was 8 which is pretty late. So my qustion is do you think its possible there is a link between the MMR jab and ADHD????

I hope I havent upset anyone by this comment
kind regards jo
Genetics is always the big one I've heard about. Thereare also theories about parental drug use, but there hasn't been much research done into it and then there is the question of was it the parental drug use or did the parents have ADHD (possibly undiagnosed) and was their drug use therefore a form of self-medicating?

Not saying you or your partner used drugs smile it's just one of those thigs I've been involved in a few discussions about and that I find quite ineresting because of my area of work.

The other thing with the genetic link is that it is believed that ADHD has been significantly undiagnosed in previous generations so it may be possible that someone in your family has it but may not be aware.

The other thing about anything that people may be genetically predispositioned to is that it could lie dormant until something triggers it and who knows what the trigger could be. The best example I can think of for that is schizophrenia and drug use or vitamin D deficiency.

Just one other thing in relation to your OP. I wouldn't have thought it would be that unusual for a child not to be diagnosed with ADHD until they were 8. From my experience a lot of paediatricians would be hesitant to make the diagnosis before 6 or 7 at the very earliest (although that threshold does seem to be slipping these days) and often the behaviours/symptoms don't become evident until children are attending school.

Hi again smile

Sometimes we can get caught sitting and looking for a 'why my child' answer. Both my children have ADD and learning disabilities. I did not smoke or use drugs.

I believe it is genetics, genetics, genetics. It has to do with the wirings of the brain and how the neurotransmitters fire, thus why learning disabilities lie co-morbid with the condition. It is not a 'diet' condition. Kids who display ADHD symptoms that change with diet have food intolerances ... not ADHD

My husband has ADD and dyslexia. His dad also is dyslexic ... and who knows he probably had ADD also as these two conditions are often co-morbid. I have learnt who and who not to discuss our kids learning issues with as there are so many 'know it alls' about ADHD/ADD grrrr

Both my kids were also great babies, slept well, well behaved, met developmental milestones etc. Its my understanding doctors will not diagnose the condition before school age as most 2, 3 year olds are impulsive with poor concentration and focus, and it is when they get to school and start falling behind with the schoolwork that the condition becomes evident
i think it's ridiculous to always blame vaccinations, mainly the mmr, on adhd, autisms etc. it has never been proven and i think it come to the point where there is so mush bs being circulated about it that people are becoming paranoid.

i think in regards to your child it's proberbly his age. just because a child is a bit hyper doesn't automatically mean he has adhd. more than likely it's due to preservatives, colouring in food.

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

vaccinations dont cause Adhd Or autism. they are genetic and even if no one in your family has been diagnosed with adhd it doesnt mean that it isnt in your family, it can also just happen as a random thing i believe. There was a doctor who Said that they do, he has since been banned from practising medicine and may have had criminal charges against him. My son has ADHD, i never somoked or took drugs while pregnant and none of my family had it (im sure my mum shows signs of it though lol). he wasn't diagnosed until he was 6.

Here is some info i found on the doctor.

British doctor Andrew Wakefield has lost the ability to practice medicine in the United Kingdom. The British General Medical Council ruled today that the doctor, who authored an infamous study in 1998 theorizing a potential link between the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism, had acted in a “dishonest”, “misleading” and “irresponsible” way. The GMC found Wakefield guilty of serious professional misconduct in failing to release financial details of conflicts of interests related to his research, among other improprieties.
Thanks guys for your answers, it was more for my own peace of mind, as a mum you do look at what you did and somtimes we blame ourselves for the situation, I am pleased that there is no link.

And thank you again for all your comments its intresting what people think, The only thing I do have to say was when the MMR was been looked into in the uk, the prime minister was asked at the time "did he give his child the MMR jab?" he said "no comment" this has allways stayed with me and haunted me. we are taking 8 years ago, and I am sure if they was any link they would of found it by now.

Thanks again guys
kind regards Jo
Nai&Beau wrote:
I read an article in the Medical Observer this morning regarding MMR and the vaccination and how there is no proof it causes ADHD/Autism or any other conditions/diseases. Might be worth a read:

Thank you for the link, I had a good read of it, its prob why there was so much up raw in the uk about the MMR, it explans alot.

kind regards Jo
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