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Hi my names Caitlin and im 22 years old, i am 18 weeks pregnant and have just had a amnio preformed a week ago, on my 13 week scan the babies neak measured more then normal and my blood test came back high risk 1 in 61 for down syndrome, i got the results back from the amnio and they came back that our baby has down syndrome i was so shocked as i never thought that this would happen to me, this is our first baby and we were shocked to even find out i was pregnant then to find this out was so scary and emotional. i have only known for 4 days and cant stop thinking about it. If there is anyone out there that has been through this before and has a baby with DS please reply i need as much info as i can get and want to talk to someone who has gone through this before.. thanks
I personally haven't had to deal with this but have a work colleague who has a child with Downs, her figures were 1 in 300 and didn't have an amnio.

I would strongly recommend that you get in touch with the Down Syndrome Association in your state who may be able to direct you to suitable support.
There is a great blog (American though), kelle Hampton. She wrote a beautiful blog post about her baby girl Nella Cordelia's birth, she found out she had DS at the birth. Her little girl is two I think now. It may be helpful from an emotional point of view??? As far as in Australia try googling support groups?? And you could do a thread search in here as I've read threads in the past about this. I'm sorry your journey has not gone as expected for you both. And for the additional challenges you will both face. Congratulations on your baby. Good luck.
Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm sorry things aren't going exactly to plan for you guys though!

Here are some links:

And this is the story PP was referring to

I haven't been in the same situation but a close friend has a girl with DS. They didn't find out until she was 3 days old. Her girl is an absolute delight, goes to a regular state school and is just gorgeous.

It's a really personal journey you are on so I'd just recommend contacting the DS association, perhaps going and visiting them at one of their mother's group meetings and talking to some Mums who have been there and done that?

Take care.

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