My little one has trunk hypotonia (and slight hypertonia in her legs) and I am going crazy not knowing what the future is going to hold for her and us. She sat at 7 months and rolled at 13 months. She can weight bear when we hold her hands but will not hold onto furniture to support herself. She babbles and squeals and has started to say mamma, dadda in context and has said 'More' and 'ball' on a few occassions but will not do it on demand. She weight bears through her arms and when we help her get onto all 4 she rocks. She cannot go from a lying to sitting position and generally does not move much. She is having an MRI in 2 weeks so we may/may not know some more then. We have been going to a physio since she was 4 months old.
I have a supportive husband and amazing extented family but I really feel completely alone in my sole mission to make sure I do all I can for my beautiful little girl. I would love to chat to anyone who has a child with hypotonia and happy to hear any tips/advice!
Michelle smile