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My little girl took her first steps! Lock Rss

My DD is 18 months old & was diagnosed with global developmental delay at about 9 months..

We didn't know anything was wrong until she was about 5 months old, when she wasn't reaching milestones like other children.
DD can do almost everything any other child can but just takes a little longer..

She has been able to stand up unaided for almost 2 months now..
Today she pulled herself up with the coffee table as she often does, but also managed to take several steps around it!! grin

I burst into tears watching her.. wub
I'm SO proud! grin
That's awesome - go DD!!! What a great milestone for her to achieve.
If you haven't already, keep the camera handy so can record it!
(Ours broke 2wks before DD's first steps, i really regret not capturing it.)

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How exciting wub

You must be so proud!!
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