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Thanks! Her school doesn't offer her anything different than any other children. She is expected to sit at her desk and work, gets a warning when she is reminded to do her work, as she will often stare into space and not do anything. After three warnings she goes to the office and is instructed to write a letter to us about why she was in trouble - but she always thinks she hasn't done anything wrong, no idea why she is there at all - it is clear to me that what they are doing is not working. She finds the other kids in the class very distracting - it only takes one person to say hello or something to her and she goes off track very quickly, gets angry and starts making a fuss about people distracting her. She is very clever and capable of doing her work, but she wont do it unless she is given an incentive to do so most of the time, unless it is something she actually enjoys doing. I think it would be great if they could understand her needs and maybe change things a little bit to suit her, but they obviously think that is unrealistic of me to expect. Thanks again!

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

HI Kerrie

I remember reading your story a while ago about your DD. I am so glad you got a diagnosis and some answers ... I really hope the teachers are a little more understanding towards her now.

Do you have other school options? As others suggested I would potentially contact your state's Aspergers organisation. Depending on her severity the school may be entitled to additional teacher aide support for her. Otherwise I would look for a school that has the resources already there. A school with a large SEU (special education unit) has the resources, equipment and rooms available to help special needs children.

In the meantime liasing with your daughter's teacher is your biggest advantage. My friends little boy has aspergers and he has a weighted blanket and his own space in the classroom so when he is not coping he is able to head to his special corner to diffuse himself.

The government has an approx 10K grant for families of autistic children ... but it needs to be spent on health needs associated with their condition before they are 7yrs of age - I don't know why 7 is the limit??. Your daughter is already 7 isn't she?? I would instead see your GP about getting her on a mental health care plan or allied health plan. It helps with some of the costs of occupational therapy/speech therapy for diagnosed conditions including aspergers/autism. You will find regular OT and speech will go a long way to helping your daughter.

All the best and I hope you get the help you need!
Hey, that's absolutely disgusting that they're not doing more to cater to her needs! angry

Definitely follow it up - they should be providing more support...

Like PP said, is there any sensory things that help her settle and concentrate?
I have an Autistic kid in one of my classes and he can wear his cap whenever he needs to (it puts pressure on his head which helps him focus) and he has a plastic coated wire around his neck which he can chew on..

Definitely contact the education dept. in Vic and find out what your rights are and what they can do for you..
If they continue to disregard your DD's learning it might be best to go to a bigger school, better equiped to deal with your DD.

Hi! Thanks for all your help! Yes, my daughter is 8 so too old for that funding, though we have been on waiting lists to see specialists for around two years now, it has been a very long process! I am leaning toward going to a bigger school, though if we do decide to do that I will have to screen the schools first to see what they may have in place for children like my daughter. My husband wants to keep trying at this school as we are getting a new principal next year, which may make a difference, or it may not - who knows? I am currently waiting for a pediatrician appointment to so he can do some referrals for her to occupational therapists and whoever else she needs to go to. She is really struggling at school, she has been throwing tantrums ever since she came home - there is no consistent reason. She originally was upset because other kids are getting guitar lessons and not her, and now she is saying how her cousin (in the same class) was mean to her, and the teacher yelled at her because she forgot to get her fruit - or something like that. I'll have to speak to the teacher, again, tomorrow - she is a nice teacher and I really have trouble picturing her yelling! Anyway, thanks again for all the help!

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

Good Luck Kerrie
From experience I find the 'meltdowns' generally correlate to children not coping with something sad

So I would take her 'tantrums' serious as a cry for help

I really hope you get some help for your DD as these years are so critical for kids with special needs

All the best xxx
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