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I have a 3 year old boy on the spectrum,I have a massive battle getting him into bed and staying into bed.I do all the necessary stuff,count down etc seems nothing is working and I am at my wits end with him,i feel like I'm not enjoying him when I should.I'm just so sick of it all.He's also having tantrums when out and I'm not sure what I can take anymore.I could go to all his specialists,but the advice they give doesnt seem to work and I give it time,I follow the things they say like pop him in a chair when hes having a tantrum to get him to calm down and to pop him back when he gets out while still having tantrum,I would be doing this for hours literally and at the end I'm exhausted.I just dont have the time for that, I have another child to think about.
Have you tried a reward chart? If he stays in his bed he gets to put a sticker on in the morning? or some quiet music playing in his room to help settle him?
I'm not sure if he would understand it,but maybe I could try it and see
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