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ADHD and feeling Deflated Lock Rss

I SO agree with Ryjayd's post. All you can do is try these things and see if they work for him, and if they don't then try the meds too. Lots of support on Huggies, it's great isn't it.

smile thanks for the hugs!!

Its funny, all the ADHD sites I have found that support diet arent australian, and all hte australian ones suggest medication.. hmmmm

But anywho.. we will go with diet first, and after a certain period of time (2-4 weeks, havent decided yet) we will start to re-introduce certain foods and speak constantly with the school to see if there is any impact.

Ryjayd, we did happen to go to the nutritionist a while back, which is also the naturapath and they ALWAYS recommend no wheat hahaha I went there and a work colleague said to me, "So, I bet he cant have wheat anymore!!" I was like "NOPE" haha but yes, such a drastic change was recommended by her ages ago but with more criteria that we wont follow.. only what we want to.

DS sometimes wont be asleep until 11pm at night after a 7:30pm bed time simply because he cant wind down.. we have tried quiet time, reading time etc.. he sleeps when he is ready gasp( that is the H part of the ADHD!!

I have to say, I am feeling more empowered after reading all your responses.. getting ideas and what not and I really feel like I will give this a good go.. if it doesnt work, we may consider medication. he just simply cannot go on through school with "extra help".. if it hasnt worked for the past 2 years.. it will hardly work in the future. We may consider medications for next year if we are unsuccessful. I dont want to leave it too long and he fall too far behind.

I just wish I could get him into a sport to calm him down!! But he has really tight calves and as such, cant move/run properly.. and has very poor co-ordination.. we will continue to work on his stretches and hope it gets better..

It absolultely can't hurt to try diet. Sport is a great idea, and I love the other suggestions about karate etc for concentration. What about gymnastics or something of the like? I also think swimming is a great exercise.

THe not sleeping part is common in ADHD like you said sad. Has the natropath suggested herbal remedies? I have also heard relaxing massage before bed is helpful as often these kids are very sensory and this helps to soothe all their senses right down so they can rest? My son is the opposite atm, if he could he would still have a daynap. He really needs his sleep and takes no convincing so. Another interesting point my paed told me is that ADHD/ADD kids should never be in daycare or before or after school care, it really adds to their stress levels. A school day is plenty enough for them to try and stay focused and concentrate. They really need their 'down' time after school. Then a strict and predictable homework, dinner, bed routine. I have adopted this and I really notice this works fantastically with our DS. The paed warned me that we will know when DS is starting to not cope when his sleeping starts becoming bad.

I agree with you about the schoolwork. If he is falling behind then this will only be more stressful for him sad

Knowledge is power as they say. I am still learning so much as I go .. which is why I frequent these posts to pick up tips and ideas for my DS too wink

LEt us know how you go please smile xx
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