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Hi Everyone!

Well today my 11 month old DS had his first Physio assessment and he was diagnosed with having Low Muscle Tone and Hypotonia. They have given me lots of exercises to do with him, as well as referring me to speech therapy and OT.

I'm just wondering if there are any other parents out there with babies who have this and have had success with physio etc?

My DS can sit unaided (since 10.5 months) but only for a few minutes before he throws himself backwards onto his back.

He can only roll from back to tummy but he does it rarely and didn't roll until 5-6 months.

He is nowhere near crawling nor can he hold his weight on his legs or pull himself up on things.

I know its not my fault this has happened but I sort of feel like i've done something wrong as a parent for this to happen sad sad
My ds2 had low tone. Was diagnosed not long after birth, we didn't do physio, wasn't even recommended. They did say it could (and did) affect his speech and he was still very dribbly into toddler-hood which is also a sign. He didn't walk until 16mths (whereas ds1 was walking at 9mths) He is almost 6 now and there's no obvious sign he's any different to other kids. He's kind of on the small side compared to his two brothers and is a little uncoordinated but I'm not sure if that's related to the muscle tone or just the way he is smile
I have no experience or advice but have seen some of your previous posts and just wanted to say you sound like a great mum who is doing the best for her little man. At least now you know whst you need to do to help him and i'm sure he will be racing around in no time! Goodluck!

My son was diagnosed with it at 6yrs old.. we have been trying to get him looked at since he started kindy as we knew he was different.. we werent looking into muscle tone but that came out of all the assessments.

I have been working iwth the womans and childrens hospital and we were going to do one program at a time to help him as he also has very tight calves.. but they are ridiculous at getting back to us and I have left several messages to have them go unnoticed!! gasp(

We were working with the student physios driving one hour every week to do exercises to help him build his tone and co-ordination.. but due to him also having ADHD and sensory mannorisms.. he lost interest very quickly.

i have been told hydrotherapy can help too.. but not sure where to start and as I said.. no one will return my phone calls!!

My son HATED tummy time so therefore crawled veyr late and only for about 1 month before he was walking.. I thought this was due to the tummy time, not muscle tone.. it was never mentioned to me. I was a very young mum so i found health care professionals sort of "dismissed" me.

He also needs speech therapy and hte help of an OT but due to his ADHD, it has not been recommended yet as he will not benefit from the sessions due to his inattention and it will be money wasted.. the speech therapy that is.. not the OT! We are seeing one soon when I get my butt into gear LOL
Hi hun,

Just wanted to let you know that the physio exercises they give you make the WORLD of difference really quickly, if you keep doing them with him you'll find he'll be crawling in no time.
I was one of the lucky ones, my DD was diagnosed as 'low tone' at about 5 months and I did the exercises with her and attended physio and she came along in leaps and bounds.
She also was saying no words at 20 months which concerned me due to her low tone diagnosis, so I went to a speechy assessment, they booked me for a follow-up appointment 6 weeks later, during that time my DD learnt to say nearly 50 words and at the second assessment the speechy was blown away. No more need for speech therapy.
So just wanted to let you know a bit of a hopeful story in that the therapy you're able to get nowadays is amazing, and there are different levels of low muscle tone so with early intervention you might find he doesnt have too many issues. xx
Hey of my twins has high tone and the other has low tone. The one with the low tone (they are 14 mth) can not sit/stand/crawl properly. She cant even take the weight of her body on her legs/feet when I hold her up.She was also diagnosed wth Epilepsy a few mths the seizures that she was having have affected her development badly. Docs are now looking at doing more testing to figure out whats going on. We are in physio and have been seeing an OC. therepist. They have commented to me that high tone is very common. Sometimes is can be related to things like cerebal palsy...though often it can also be related to prem deliverys....though sometimes, its just they way the child is and down the track its not even an issue.... Please dont blame yourself...Trust me, I have felt all the guilt in the world over the twins, even though I know during preg I did eveything right, and am continuing to do so.My best advice is to listen to the docs/therepists/etc...but also listen to your mummy instincts. Also....tune out to "friends" and family who "think" they know. Even if they mean well, sometimes a lecture is the last things you need....or a "what you should do..." conversation. Other than that... one thing that has also become very apparent to me is that ALL children are different. Even twins. They develop/learn/grow at different rates... what NORMAL for one doesnt mean that they all do it. Sorry for the length of the post...I just understand what your going through. Chin up....remember, your a good mum and a good person... :0) xx
My DD who is 3.5yrs also had/has low muscle tone. We had extensive physio as although she could sit unaided, she would not hold her weight and would scream whenever we tried (this was when she was about 10 months). Anyway to cut a long story short, she didn't crawl until she was 22 months and only started walking 6 months ago when she turned 3!!! During this time she underwent numerous tests (MRI's, x-rays, blood tests..)and the specialists still haven't got any real diagnosis except to say she had low muscle tone! She is relatively fine now, although she still has difficulties climbing stairs and cannot quite run yet but that will all come with time.

Do not blame yourself..I know its hard but there is nothing you did wrong. I used to think it was because I never gave my dd tummy time as she hated it but was told it was nothing to do with that.

Good luck with everything smile
My son is 23 months and was diagnosed with low muscle tone at 8 months, at that stage he could roll over but that was about it, he couldn't sit even when assisted he just folded in half. We have been doing physio fortnightly ever since and although progress was/is very slow he has made huge progress. It took him months before he could crawl, then months before he could stand but now he cruises (walking) the furniture, walks holding our hands and climbs like a mountain goat (much to my horror & many bruises!!) and in the past fortnight is getting the confidence and balance to stand alone for a short time. With 4 weeks until his 2nd birthday we have all fingers crossed that he might give us a present and walk soon but I've come to learn 'they will do things in their own time' and that is never truer with a Hypotonic child.
I also notice very early in this process that he just wasn't quite right in other areas and he was quickly diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay and as recent as last week, months of chromosome testing has found that he has a Chromosome 22 Deletion.

I totally understand what you are feeling, I struggle daily with a sense of you say, we know it's not our fault but...
When DS2 was born my 1st baby was 20 months and I was so consumed with 'not making him feel left-out' and spreading my love that I didn't notice DS2 was way behind in his development, in fact at the time I relished that fact that he just lay around, happy and contented, it gave me more time to keep life rolling along smoothly, it wasn't until DS1 and I were looking at photos comparing the two that it hit me like a truck! DS1 at the same age was running, climbing, riding a bike etc. and DS2 lay on the floor looking at his toys unable to effectively use his hands - as a mother, and a mother that already had a child, how could I have not picked up DS's problems sooner!!!!!!!!! It has since been confirmed several times over that an early diagnosis wouldn't have changed a single thing but it really doesn't make me feel any better.

Physio works! It is a very, very, long slow process that seems pointless some weeks but then DS makes a noticable step forward and it feels great and rewarding.


hi there, im a mum of three and my youngest at the age of 17 months was diagnosed with hyotonia and severe global delay at thr age of 11 months. my daughter had several tests even a mri scan which luckily everyting came back normal except that she was ruled out she was epaleptic.since then we have attended physio sessions and we have to carry out the play therapy and have also been reconmended plenty of body massages at home which help stimulate the muscles. i have seen a qualified childrens massager who massages my daughter once a week and has reconmended sweet almond oil which is available from holland and barrats. i knw my daughter has a long way to go as she can bearly sit up without support but i have full faith that with lay therapy and massaging we will achieve our goal.
Hi was wondering how you went at finding mummy friends, I'm In the same boat I moved here from cairns 3 years ago.and no and becoming really lonely my husband works fulltime and it's just me and my youngest daughter Indy during the day:-D
Hi just wondering what type of exercises help a toddler with low muscle tone learn to walk?
My twins babies was diagnosed as low tone muscles and was referred to therapist on January 5. I am a first time mom with twins. I dont know what to do and I'm so sad when their pediatrician told me that both of my babies have low tone muscles. My babies are 16 months now. They don't know how to crawl on all fours nor stand up. When I placed them to stand, their legs seems soft and bend down not willing to stand at all. Any moms experiences this. Please give me some advices. I'm so stressed now and I can't sleep well every night because I always think of this. I'm a bad mom. Hope my babies are okay when meeting with therapist on next Monday. Praying ????????
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