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Epilepsy Lock Rss

My 1 year old DD has just been diagnosed wth it and is now on EPI-LIM liquid twice daily... anyone elses child an epileptic?
Yes my DD is 3 wit severe epilepsy - as well as CP. has been on epilim in the past. what i found out ( a little too late) was that the sugar free syrup is less "gluggy" if your DD has a problem with the syrup smile
What sort of seizures are you experiencing?
Her seizures escalated to the point of her being unconcious...i can never remember the name the docs use. She was originally quite good on the med then started refusing it and then spitting it out....Now, on the advice of the OT I have started hiding it in her food and most of the time we are getting it all down....I must remember the sugar free "gluyness" thing next time im filling the script... She also is being...questioned...for CP, and her twin bro. He has high muscle tone, where as she has low, and at now 14mths of age she still isnt crawling properly, not sitting and is unable to take her weight on her legs. Apparently the seziures can effect their development very now that the fits are being controlled, we are going full steam ahead with OT so try to get her back on track. How old was your son when he was diagnosed with Ep. and CP? How is he going with it all...
yes seizures can set them back more than you actually can realise at the time. Zoe was diagnosed at birth...lack of oxygen...and seizured too.
She has at times had reasonable muscle tone, but doesn't really use her limbs purposefully. She can have really really stiff limbs - where you cant bend them due to her fighting you! and floppy as well lol. But still can't sit by herself, nor walk, crawl or talk. well she has her own language smile
And like you said, the medicine can have a huge impact. and i never enjoy changing the meds either, as you go through more changes!
tonic clonic or grand mal seizures? i think are the ones where they can go unconscious?! i forget! Zoe has all sorts, but since she has pretty much been on meds since birth we are lucky she hasn't been in an unconscious state. Not nice for any parent to have to deal with!!
The OT will help you out and therapy is a huge help. repetition is a really big thing i find. smile
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