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My 10 year old DS is in the process of being formally diagnosed with ADD. At our last visit to the specialist medication, specfically Ritalin, was mentioned. Up until now we've resited the medication path however after 8 long years of OT, speech therapists, natrapaths, psychologists etc we've reached the point where for the mental wellbeing for him and for the self preservation for DH and I, we need to medicate him.

My question is: what are your experiences with Ritalin? Good or Bad I want to hear them.

I spoke to his teacher this morning who is of the 'old school' and even she has admitted that there are children who are too readily medicated without trying alternatives first and then there are the children whose parents have reached the end of the rope with alternatives and are turning to medication, she feels the DS definatly needs the medication as his grades are slipping dramatically etc.

I feel a failure as a mother.
Ohhhh big hugs to you. You are certainly NOT a failure as a mother. You're putting your son and his wellbeing first. I don't have any experience with Ritalin or Add, but I'd be guided by the medical professionals.

Go easy on yourself and I hope it all improves for you and your son.

Definitely not a failure as a Mother. Going by your post you have put quite a lot of time, money and tears into exhausting every avenue you could in order to try and find something to help your son cope and thrive.

ADD is not something you could have prevented your son from having, so don't blame yourself, you just have to do what you can to help him, and if that means be it.

The only experience I have with Ritalin is from watching my cousins children and from the classroom environment (teacher). My cousins children had some trouble with sleeping and their appetites were greatly reduced, so they did lose a fair amount of weight and had to be forced to eat, and at some times they did seem to be spaced out. I think many of their dramas though was to do with their dosage and it needing to be tweaked, which is something you can always discuss with your doctor if you are concerned.

In a classroom scenario I found for some children it really helped them to be able to focus long enough that learning was not such a struggle.

Good luck with it all.
i went with my cuz to royal children hospital and the specialtist was telling me that many children are disagnoised with add when all they need out is there tonsilis. this upsets there hormone balance.

does your child suffer from tonsiltis??
i have experience with ADHD children, i used to work with them in a day care environment, most were fine, they took their meds and they were able to focuss much more clearly. but one little boy i used to look after every monday he would be spaced out just want to sleep, we found out that his father refused to think he needed the meds (working with ADHD kids u learn to work out the ones who need the meds and the ones who just respond to different discipline/learning techniques) anyways this one kid really needed the meds, but his dad refused to give them to him he stayed with the dad every weekend so them on mondays when his mum would start him back on the meds it was a huge shock to his system.

the other one ill tell u about is also a little boy i looked after, the doc was working to try and get his dosage right, and he was having 2 tablets in the moning, he would be really sleepy early morning then fine till around 2 and then he would be totally uncontrolable. but once he started 1 tab in the morning and 1 at lunch he was much better.

i had adhd as a toddler and my trigger is yellow food colourings, so as long as i dont eat yellow/orange foods im ok

try not to feel bad as a pp said you did nothing to cause him to have adhd, and u have worked very hard to try other things before medication. once the medication starts to work you will prob wonder why u didnt try it earlier (thats what a lot of parents said to us) i would just say that make sure u take it as the doc has told u, and that he takes it everyday, cos breaks from it just make the brain work harder to have to adjust and readjust all the time. and also be prepared for a few dosage adjustments. mostly i really hope it works for ur son and your family.

The medication id very full on stuff. I am opposed to it unless it is absolutely undeniably proved that it is needed - which in your case it sounds like you have already tried every other avenue.

Ritalin speeds the mind up, not slows it down like most people think. It is the equivalent of speed - ADD kids have a mind that is overactive, so they can't concentrate for any amount of time so they jump from one thing to the next. So the medication speeds it up even more - and that is so that they will be highly focused on one thing at a time, which slows down the sporatic behaviour.

So you can imagine that by the end of a day being highly focused, most kids on Ritalin are completely exhausted.

The problem with it is that it is highly addictive. Once on this medication you want to be sure that it needs to be a permanant thing because coming off it - the child will have the same withdrawal symtoms as a drug addict or alcoholic would.

I did a study on this as part of my nursing training as I found it really interesting. I'm not trying to be negative about it - obviously it has its positives too, but thats just what I remember about it. you need to have a read up about it and be completely informed about it - and when you have been down the road that you have, it is obviously something that is needed for your son.

Hope everything gets sorted out for you!

oh and btw... it is 240am and I'm on nightshift - the study I did on it was some time ago so I could be a little rusty, that was just off the top of my head so I would recommend you do your own little research on it. smile

How did you go with your decision?? Would be interested to hear the outcome.
I too am interested how you went with this? What did u decide? If you decided to medicate, did it work?

We are resisting medications but at the end of the day, my son is still doing Rec work in year 1, in rec he was doing kindy work and we dont want him to fall too far behind..
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