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Hi everyone just wondering how many of you out there attend the MCH?
so if you go there
Your name?(Username if wanted)
When's ur childs next appointment?
Why does your child attend here and were?

I'll start:
Stacey is my name
My lil Boy goes back on the 1/12
He has Club feet and attends the clinc

Forever in our hearts....


Forever in our hearts....

Royal Childrens Hospital here (as the mater doesn't have a Paed Gastro Unit... the only one in Qld is the the RCH. Grrrr.)

My son was getting his treatment done at the Mater Childrens Hospital (with Cathy and Laurie) but now we have moved back to Sydney he gets his treatment done at Westmead Childrens Hospital.

Hope this helps..

Hi my name is Shannon
My baby girl Zara will be back to the mater on the 3rd & 19th of October (for now...we're there about every 6wks)
She has down syndrome and a heart defect.

Very proud Mater mum smile
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