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hi everybody,
my name is shona and my husband and i have two beautiful children a 2yo son and a 4mth daughter. my daughter has ds, she was diagnosed antenatally and it was initially a huge shock and quite honestly terrifying as we had no idea about what having ds would mean for our little girl. but after getting over the shock and jumping a few hurdles (feeding problems and heart surgery) life is beginning to settle down.

Our daughter is so beautiful and smart and we are so blessed to have her in our lives, as we are to have our son!

If there are any other parents out there with a child who has ds who wants to chat, anyone with any questions about ds or my experience id love to hear from you.
Hi Shona,
I have a ds son he is 19 months. We are lucky really as he has no medical problems as yet just a bit delayed.
He got his first tooth 2 days ago and he is just about walking, so we are going to be in trouble again with another toddler running loose in the house.

Does your state downs society give you heaps of info and support?

We are not having an amnio done with this pregnancy just the blood test to test for downs. I was booked in to have an CVS [chorionic villous sampling] similar to anio but cells taken from the palcenta and the risk from this procedure for miscarriage is 1 in 100 so I declined as we are keeping this bab whatever it has or hasn't got.

My name is Michelle by the way.

Hi Michelle,
sorry i have taken so long to write, i just havent looked in this area for a while. Yes we have a bit of support here in qld, ive gotten quite involved in dsaq (well as much as i can being they are in brissy and we are an hour away on the sunny coast), but i go to functions and things like that when i can and have met some lovely people this year.
I cant believe my little ash is one in three weeks, this year has gone sooo fast. She is sitting independently, waving and just starting to commando crawl, she's doing great.
I also have a two and a half yo little boy and they just adore each other.
Baby number six hey, my god you must have your hands full, but how wonderful i love the chaos that kids bring, thats what its all about isnt it!
We are actually trying for number three now ourselves so it is lovely to hear that you are pregnant yourself and what test you chose to have and what not to have, when we finally get there i might pm you and pick your brain. We too have decided that when we do conceive not to have an amnio, or a nuchal fold as i kinda feel that was a waste of 150 when i came back low risk and then had my little princess Ashlee!!
What state are you in? feel free to pm me if you prefer and i promise to reply sooner this time. i posted this email so long ago with no replies i just stopped looking, so you can imagine my suprise!!
anyway great to hear from you.
Hi Shona

My 4 month old son was a 1 in 20 chance of having ds but didn't. I
would like to have another baby but am terrified I won't cope if the
baby has ds. I don't think i could have an abortion but wander, what
if. I have 2 older sons but would like Aj to have a playmate closer to
his own age. How did you guys cope, and what affect if any did it
have on your son. I'm probadly sounding like a drama queen but I have
been thinking about this a lot lately.

My name is Marinda, nearly forgot that.
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Hi Shona,
My name is Shannon and I have a 6mth old with DS and we too have been through the heart surgery process. Scarey and stressful times. She's still on oxygen from the surgery and has a ng tube. I'm a bit sick of everything at the moment but my baby girl manages to make me smile smile
We are also in QLD and have enrolled to dsaq, just waiting some booklets to come in the mail.
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