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Hi my now eight year old son was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome, which is a form of autism when he was three years old. He mirrored alot of the behaviour linked with the disorder. The early years were hard to adjust, especially with other siblings. We monitor his diet closely, and have a structured rountine. I find he found it hard to understand others feelings, but he is lucky since at school for the last two years (mainstream) he has had no problems making friends. His learning concepts are very slow, but we are happy with every progress he makes. I believe it makes him unique. Times can be trying when he is in a mood, but we have to be patient. I try not to think to much about life in the future, as the old saying goes take each day as they come. The one thing which I found stood out the most was his obessions with things, like electronic games, and when he was younger it was bob the builder, shrek, spiderman.

hey my son will be 3 in august and has been diagnosed with aspergers and traits of autism OSD.. im sure u know what im talking about lol.. was your son worse at the age of 2-3 then he is know?
im in tears this second i just had a KU lady hear from the ogansiation that helps families with kids like ours..
me and her spoke for an hour and a half and she "GETS" me and what i go through each day.
i cryed heaps now i feel like a sook!........
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