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Can you tell me if you've had acupuncture, do you think its all a mind game? does it really work? what reason did you have the acupuncture for? did it hurt? Thanks for any responses.

Can you tell me if you've had acupuncture, do you think its all a mind game? does it really work? what reason did you have the acupuncture for? did it hurt? Thanks for any responses.

I've had lots of accupuncture, its awesome and yes it really works.

Firstly I had it as it was taking ages TTC... had been trying for 18 months, within 3 months of accupuncture was pregnant (weekly for a month then fortnightly one hour appointments).

Had it for headaches, morning sickness, back problems (not all pregnancy related).

Did it again TTC DD2, pregnant within 4 months. Did it through pregnancy.

Its amazing stuff, what I like best is I always walk away feeling so good physically without any drugs or pain smile

You need to find a good practitioner though, some are very costly - the one I have found is really good value and interested in your whole being not just this or that health issue and making money out of you.
Yep Ive had it done and love it. I often have an issue with my neck and shoulder where it knots, cramps and stiffens up. I end up in agony cant move and I am allergic to all muscle relaxants so I have a choice of accupuncture or valium for a week lol.
I go in for accupuncture and the instant the needle goes in I can begin to feel the muscles relaxing. WIthin 20mins I go from being unable to move my head and being in agony to being pain free and having full mobility of my head.
But make sure you see a registered accupuncturist

Cheers Ness

My friend's baby stopped having extreme reflux after seeing the accupuncturist. That tells me it is not all in the mind.

I believe in it but the guy I went to sucked!
It was a work cover injury and the doctor I saw refered me to himself as he does accupunture too! A scam I think!
It was for herinated discs and it but my back into spasm.
But my family just love it and go all the time, they swear by it.
For, well, I guess old age for mum - trips and falls that still hurt.
And sister for fibroids and IVF.
I had it during my last trimester. I had it to turn my baby from breech position- day after my first session she turned transverse, and turned cephalic the second day. After that I had it to help with my pregnancy until we started induction sessions at 36 weeks. at 37 weeks I went into pre-labour, but I think other stressors stalled the labour, and I continued with it for another week to get baby to come, but I think that the other stressors stopped me, and I went into labour naturally.
I went to an accredited acupuncture practice, and the two practitioners specialised in pregnancy, and claimed using my private health. I will definitely be going back to them during my next pregnancy.
I had it over a 4 week period to try and encourage DS2 to 'turn' as he was breech

It didn't work for me unfortunately, he stayed breech. I haven't gone back to one as I lost my confidence in them
Tried it once.
She pretty much poked me til it hurt and said "Does it hurt here?" "YES, because you just poked me there" *jab with a needle*.

Freaked me out having needles in my bum & head and everywhere. Wasn't relaxing. I think I'm pretty much Pro massage. It's much more stress & tension relieving than being jabbed.

I used it during pregnancy for sicatic nerve pinching and the first time it didnt really work then went a week later and it fully relieved it, walked in in agony - walked out pain free. also had it for 4 weeks pre birth and baby came on time, (I have heard this from lots of people). I really think the acupunture put me into labour as well as i went into full blown intense labour about 6 hours after my last acupunture session. I swear by acupunture for nerve pain and bringing on labour, I am not sure about everything else, to be honest not really a believer in terms of all this Qi stuff but it did work for me!
Yes it does work ! I never tried it for labour pains though so i cant say it would work 4 that but everyone is different & every accupuncturist is also, The 1 i see is fantastic I saw him once while pregnant the 2nd time 4 sever siaticca but he also noticed but couldnt help with it that my pelvis had slipped out of alignment wich was what was causeing the pain but it helped dull the pain enough till i could see my massage & chiro to get it all re aligned, the main reason I started using accupuncture was for carpal tunnel in both wrists as a hairdresser I couldnt even hold my scissors with out almost dropping them had nerve testing & everything done & my Gp actually reccomended trying him & 6 treatments later & a follow up every 6mths or so have not had a problem since! Swear by him he has also helped me with migranes & hormonal imbalance.
Hi I have been having acupunture since Feb this year. I had been trying to fall pregnant with IVF for 4 yrs, so I decided to try acupunture and chinese herb with the IVF and within 3 months I was pregnante. I was going once a week and then fortnightly and now I am 31 weeks pregnant I go monthly. I wish I tryed acupunture when I first started and did the herbs. I am 41yrs old with my first child. I was willing to try anything. Good luck.
I used it in the last week of my pregnancy to help kick start my labour. Also, I had a posterior baby and was suffering very bad back pain and had been warned to expect a lengthy labour. I had two sessions and went into labour, which was only 8 hours. Even if it didn't do anything for that, each time I had the acupuncture I slept so beautifully afterwards... and at 39 weeks pregnant, not many people can say that!

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