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Centrelink/assistance Rss

Just trying to work out our budget for when baby arrives.

Wondering if anyone knows what assistance is available when we have our first baby later this year.
We have recently gone from a combined income of $110 000 to $46/7000 due to unexpected unemployment......and a surprise pregnancy (Dr said I couldn't get pregnant....we're thrilled, just unexpected)

We will be a one income family - say $47000 (but probably a little less)
We are currently renting - would we be eligible for rent assistance?

Any information would be helpful, I have looked on the website but it seems it isn't accurate in comparison to what i know other friends are receiving.
Google family assistance online rate estimator. It calculates everything.

Go on the online estimator, I guess you will get about $300 a fortnight. Yes you will get rent assistance. Ive found the estimator very accurate.
What I've estimated it says $450ish a fortnight but no rent assistance.
Just did a quick calculator, at renting 300- 350 per week you will receive about $468 a fortnight on that income for the 2013- 2014 financial year.
Rent assistance is included in that payment.
Everyone I've spoken to has suggested we should qualify for rent assistance but its never come up with the estimator?
I just did a quick estimate for one income of $47K. I did not do the calculator for parenting payment, so you may get a little more!

It came to $468.72. That's with full rent assistance. Not sure why it said you couldn't get it! Is it private rental or gov. rental? I don't think you can get rent assistance if you rent from Housing Aust. (I think it's called) Do you rent through family or something?

In the estimate that I just did, I put your weekly rent at $300. The amount you pay can make a difference, but you should be able to get something still!

mrsfirstchild wrote:
Everyone I've spoken to has suggested we should qualify for rent assistance but its never come up with the estimator?

It's usually one of the first questions from memory!

Sorry, just re-read what you said. As Liney3 said, It should be included in your estimate.

It should say

Fam. assist part A $xxx
Fam. assiat part B $xxx
Rent assist. $xxx

Ill have to look into it again.
Thanks for your help ladies.
The other thing i wanted to check - would we qualify for the single income supplement as well?

Seems like a lot of money being handed out for having a baby......kind of shocked me!
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