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Any mums of twins in Perth? Lock Rss

Just looking for parents of twins in Perth to chat to. Have been to a local multiples group but a lot of them there had nannies/live in help (other than family) so was hoping to find some mums who know what its really like having twins.
Hi there,

I'm from Perth, I have 8 week old twins with no nannies or live in help (I wish!!!) Not a lot of family help either.

What about you?

Where in Perth ru?


Hi There,

I have 8 and a half month old twin boys and have help only from my husband and my mum.

I go to a twin playgroup which is good as great getting advice from other mums with twins.


Hi ladies,

Join the following web site:

They have Perth mum's & arrange get togethers too. There is one scheduled for early March.

Where is the playgroup you go to?


I have joined that site. Will have to try and go to the get together.

I go to a playgroup at The Homestead in Kingsley. The twins ages range from 8 months to around 18 months at this stage.


I'm a single parent of 8week old twins with only family for support! ive been looking for a twin playgroup in the belmont area without much luck.
I have found there are not a lot of twin related groups or activities around at all!
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