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Hi, I have a friend who is due to have her triplets on May 5th, she also has a boy who has just turned 2 this month. She doesnt have access to the internet and isnt aware of any help that is out there for parents of multiple births... sad thing is when the father found out she was pregnant with triplets he left her... so she finally got a house with Housing NZ in Auckland but is still going to be on the bones of her bum... i always thought that the major nappy companys helped out but she seems to think that they dont do that anymore....

if anyone out there has any info i can pass on to her i would appreciate it!
Church groups?
I just found this site hope it helps and best of luck to your friend.

New Zealand Multiple Birth Association

The multiple association should help and she is going to need it. I just manage with twins, but with triplets and a toddler, well that is ging to be really hard, especially if she has no partner to share the load. She is going to need a good network of helpers who can come to her house day and night to help her.
also tell her to contact WINZ as the will subsidise home help for her (she can choose what sort of help she wants)
Can't help with specific agencies or anything, but I have one tip that saved my cousin's sanity withher triplets.

She bought a BIG playpen - for her not the kids. SHe had a family room (lounge,living etc) that she could shut the door and know the kids couldn't get out. It was child proof. She would put herself in the playpen to do chores etc. She would iron in there, pay bills etc.

Good luck to your friend.

I have triplets who are 9 months old. I joined my local Multiple Birth Club in Australia and also as part of that their is a Higher Order Multiple (HOM's) Group of Australia which is for people with triplets or more. My local club via the HOM's group organised donations from a few fabulous companies. Unfortunately there are ot many but anything is a help. I am not sure what they do in NZ but I received 2 boxes of Huggies Nappies, 6 months supply of Heinz baby food, box of Johnson and Johnson creams/baby wash etc and the most FABULOUS donation is from Wyeth pharmaceuticals who make S26 formula. All I need from them is a letter from my Dr when I run out of formula and they keep sending boxes more. So far this has saved us alot of money. You may want to contact this club for your friend and make some enquiries. I was also able to hire a breast pump through my local club which was heaps cheaper than through a chemist.
If your friend can get Internet access she will have access to which is a great site for people expecting multiples or who are the parents of multiples. This site can provide you with lots of useful info/tips/friendship and a common understanding of what you are experiencing.
If you or your friend have any questions etc please feel free to send me a personal message. I am more than happy to help.

Wish your friend all the best of luck. Let her know that she is not alone as their is a big wide world of multiple parents out there, some who have even been in the same difficult situation.

Take Care and what a good friend you are

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