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Is their a behavioural problem? Lock Rss

Hi I need some help before I go crazy. My 4 year old son is in kindy. He is a very loving child and very theatrical.
Being an only child he also can occupy himself wonderfully. My concern is that his kindy teacher wants him to have his hearing checked because she sometimes has to repeat herself to him. I thought that was quite normal behaviour for a 4 year old.
His hearing is fine to us at home. Also she wants him to go to a speach specialist as he talks beautifully but sometimes mumbles. I also thought that it was something that was just developing.
She also was concerned that he seperates himself a little bit from the rest of the classb but he is an only child and I think that this kindy thing is just all so new to him.
She also mentioned that he likes to make noises in class. Wellhe does that at home as well but he is making animal noises from books or movies he has seen.
Like I said he is very entertaining and very funny.
I am so worried and I have cried so much. PLEASE can someone help me....................................

Desperate and going nuts
hi pooley3
my first child was an only child for 12 years and i had a similar problem when he was in grade 1.
the teacher wanted him to see a occupational thearipist,she was worried that he couldnt cut out shapes properly and didnt have great hand eye coordination,also that he did not paticipate enough on class.
i took him to the specialist and she couldnt find a problem with him, i myself think that he was just lazy (he is now)and maybe a little shy to speak out in class (he still is ).he is now 13.5 and is the ruckman on his footy team(great hand eye coordination)when you get on his case to do neater work he does it (as i said he's a little lazy when it comes to that sort of stuff)
the only advise i can give you is to test his hearing yourself when he's watching tv or looking at books,and when he starts to mumble just pull him up on it and get him to start again and take his time .if you dont think he has a problem he probably dont stress yourself out he's probably finding it hard ajusting to all those kids in one room.

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

Hi, my son is nearly 4 and was fairly quiet and unclear with his speech. Sometimes I would have to repeat myself although I felt it was just selective hearing! I did get my sons hearing checked just for peace of mind. It appears to be all good and in the last month he has really come out of his shell and as a result of more social interactions his speech has improved quite a lot. I personally recommend getting his hearing checked just for peace of mind. The way I looked at it was that if something was wrong then I wanted to catch it early to give him every chance in life. Your son probably is perfectly fine, all the factors you mentioned are probably the true basis of the problem, but perhaps it's worth getting him checked just to ease your mind. Teachers just try to catch things early on and she probably feels it is better to be safe than sorry. Good luck.

dont worry about it its normal my son went through that stage he is all so doing speach specialist, and got his hearing cheaked out as well and everything is normal... the reason why your son may not be hearing is because he doesnt want to listen like all kids do that and the speach is to propere him for when he goes to school so dont worry about it he is fine
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