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hey there Rss

i read a few posts and i agree on some things and disagree on others. im turing 17 next month and im a proud mother of a 14month old son KEEGAN.. i didnt find out i was pregnant till i was 7months and the father didnt want 2 stick with me.i did my school certifcate at home with the help of my grandparents as i dont know my dad and my mum she didnt like the fact i was pregnant so i started living with my i was saying i did my sc at home and now im currently doin my hsc at home and next yr i plan on doin my certicate 3 in children services so i cn become a nanny or a childcare worker.
when i was pregnant i got heaps of looks but i just didnt let it bother me cuz i was goin to be a i was currently working at maccas and so i was able 2 save untill i couldnt work no more. but i just want 2 say being a young young mum doesnt mean ur not goning to be a good one... oh i can get my licence next month 2 YAY!!!!

me and my beautiful baby(well he aint no baby namore)couldnt be happier:)


good on you for making a go of it and taking responsibility. sounds like things are going well for you and your little boy smile

Just out of curiosity, how could you not know your were pregnant until 7 months??
im not having a go at you, im genuinely curious because im 25 weeks pregnant and its VERY obvious lol
i just turn 19 when i found out i was pregnant and i get the looks poor you it must be much more hardly on you.. like its not stressful enough worrying about your unborn and how they are progressing we still have to deal with all the thick headed nasty people that makes you so uncomfortable.. i couldnt be happier being a mum too..

but i felt like my mum was ashame of me because she didnt want any of my relatives to know and its like i have to hide and miss out on family gatherings.. to tell you the truth i had alot of stress throughout my pregnancy i was just glad it didnt affect my baby..

Hi there...

Just wanted to say good on you for continuing with your study. Saw that you were interested in child care... have you thought of doing a traineeship? YOu can now do your cert 3 in 12 mths full time working and then go on to do the Diploma which I think takes a further 2 or 3 years... I know it sounds like a lot but your young and if you want to be a child care worker you may as well be paid while to train while you work, plus you can take your child with you to work.
hey there emma 69
well i was working at maccas nearlly full time so i was eating nearlly every meal at maccas while i was on my i just thought in was gettin fat i still had my periods throughout the whole pregnacy and i didnt have any morining sickness or any syptoms. it wasnt untill he started kicking i sensed something was different so i went to the doctors.
i realsie ur not cristersing me i think uir genuily interested lol.

it was hard at first then i just ignoring them and consentrating on preparing for my baby i had so much 2 do in 3months lol so much 2 buy as well as work and study..
well my nan was the one to tell my mum and she went bonkers she started screaming at me i just couldnt handle it so i left and went for a very long walk and wen i got home
everyone in my street new i was pregnant from her yellin it on top of her voice..and from then on because my baby is half aboriginal and she is racist i told her she is not goinn 2 have anything 2 do with my baby
same here im glad my baby boy was so healthy

hey there lizy79
i didnt realise that u could do a traineeship...i was wondering do u have any information that would be handy for me beacuse im certainly interested in doing a traineeship..????????
thank you kindly krystal
oh just email the information 2
and let me know that ur from here ok thanks alot

hey kridal i just wanted to say good on you! im a single mummy to, to a 6 week old boy if you wana talk just pm me

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