My mother in law is the worst! I gotta rant ladies! After using my rape against me, shaming my body, embarrassing the crap out of me, judging my virginity, asking why I left my abusive ex? (Minor detail, HER SON helped me out of the relationship.), and crashing my wedding, she's been ringing me everyday since I got pregnant! She calls everyday, asks how much I weigh, how big I am, and such. I told DH who talked to her and verbally slapped her hand, now her and my (lovely) FIL are at war over this baby. He tells her to step back, she brings up her MC from years ago. She's been dropping 'hints' since I got engaged to DH. Now she acts like I'm an incubator. She told me that she was taking care of the baby for he first year then she would give it back. UM NO! GO GET A HOBBY! A DOG! A GOLDFISH! I'm not missing MY baby's first steps and words because HONEY over here hasn't babied her two kids in years.

She got to be a mom, she involved her mother and both her ex and current MIL. She wants me to 'keep up the tradition' no! She was a mother, why shouldn't I have the same opportunity? I'm nine months pregnant and have a large dog (Alaskan Malamute) who my DH and I worked with about kids since he was a puppy because our niece and nephews came over often. I'll sometimes sit in the nursery with him and let him get to know the space and smells (like baby powders etc..) And MIL FLIPS out! My poor dog is timid because he's missing an eye and his other eye is only half vision. She screams and says 'Keep that away from our baby!' Hmm.. Funny she says that, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think she was in bed with me.

She's been RESEARCHING pounds and tried to put up a craigslist ad to SELL HIM. I think we're OKAY, he was very nice to the newborns and is not reactive. I'm carrying high and I sometimes push on the baby and stretch. She screams at me and says 'Don't kill my baby! You already kill one!' REFERRING TO MY MC. THE PREGNANCY THAT SHE LEAKED AT 7W AND GOT MC AT 10W. THANKS LADY. FIL is very nice to me, he's given me one of DH and one of SIL's baby outfits (We want a surprise.) But MIL has been dragging me shopping, she picks out everything she likes and ignores me when I say that we already have something. She gets mad when I donate it. She also got me a collapse crib (I already have one) and a normal crib because she hated how I painted my baby's crib. I painted important symbols that I associate with strength and beauty and she kept telling me to sell the crib and let me buy a normal crib.

She got me a carseat, ugly outfits that said- 'Grandma's baby!' Or stuff about DH- 'Me and Mommy think Daddy's handsome.' Like was it too hard to grab something about mommy at least! Cribs, changing stations, she rearranged my nursery when I was gone because GRANDMA GETS A SAY IN EVERYTHING. She's angry that I said nobody but DH in the delivery room. She fund out I MIGHT call my mom if I get scared but she keeps ending her daily hour long calls with- 'Call me when you're in labour, okay?' Then ignores my 'No.' GUUUHHHHH!
Don't comment to say your MIL (mother-in-law) is amazing! I don't know what to do! Tell me what to do, and share your crazy MIL (mother-in-law) pregnancy stories!