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Help, I want to become a midwife. Rss

I have been keen on studying midwifery for years and even more so now that Ive recently had a bub myself. I am currently living in Auckland (NZ). I have looked endless online, filled application after application, made phone calls to unis, all with no success.

Any midwives or midwives to be out there, where did you study, what did you study etc??

Honestly this is driving me nuts, please help. Thanks : )
hi there,
please see:

They are based in Christchurch, if you don't want to study here, they may know of somewhere near you in Auckland where it might be possible.

Good Luck
Cool thanks heaps, it is stressful trying to find a course, arrrgh wonder what it will be like if I do end up studying haha.
You can study it at WINTEC in hamilton.

I would say anyone can become the midwife expert if know the complete process of learning.I have seen some of the details see punctuation check on this topic which helps me alot for achieving this goal.
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