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SLEEP???How many hours do you get? Lock Rss

6-7 hours sometimes more

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

7 - 8 hours here soemtimes less

I have 3 kids all under 7 and I can't remember the last time I had a good 8 hours! just wondering how many hours you get and how long has it been since you had a good night sleep?

I am a mum of a 2yrold boy. I get 3hrs sleep a day. I am a fulltime mum during the day and work fulltime at night. So when i get home I get 1hr sleep in the morning and then 2hrs in the afternoon when my son has a nap.
i usually get around 6-7 hours

i get around 5-6 hrs though broken up with 2 night feeds for my 11 month old. i swear that lil man is never going to sleep through!



my son sleeps from 9pm till 10am every night without waking has done since he was 8 weeks old.

i get more sleep now than i did before he was born because i used to have to get up at 7am every day to work.

i know i know ... just wait lol im sure he will stop sleeping well when he is older hes only 5months old ... but im enjoying it while it lasts smile

so i guess i can have about 12 hours if i want... but i usually go to bed after him and wake up before him so i get 9 hours??
My son has just started sleeping thru the night most of the time. Occasionally has a night where he wants one night bottle. Loving the extra sleep! He goes down at 8pm and I stay up til 10pm, cleaning, reading etc and then hes waking up between 7 and 8am! Love the extra sleep cos until now he was having alot of nights where he was up every hour.
at the moment i get about 7-8 hours unbroken sleep most nights but for the first 18 months of my now 2.5yo's life, i was scaping by on 3-4 hours broken sleep a night (there was some nights i was blessed with a straight 6 hour block but it wasnt often)
i used to post on here constantly about how tired i was and how i couldnt function so the fact that im now able to write that i get a solid nights sleep makes me feel brilliant! lol
i can safely say i survived one of the worst sleepers i've ever met hehe

Well you are not going to like

The kids go to bed at around 8. I go to bed around 10.30pm. I have my alarm set for 6.45am, I then up and get ready for work in peace.

I then wake the eldest at 7.30am, and get him dressed and feed him breakfast. I have to physically feed him as he just wont eat brekky otherwise.

I then wake the youngest at around 8.00am. Get her dressed and give her a bottle.

I then leave for work at 8.15am.

I will hear from at least one or both of them during the night maybe 2 times a week. It will go in waves though. So sometimes Jed will wake once a night for 3 nights straight, then not again for a month.

My good luck is coming to an end though, as I am pregnant and having pelvis problems so have started waking during the night, and I am sure I couldn't be blessed with 3 good sleepers once this new one arrives!

Ok I hate

Wow wish mine would sleep. HOpe your third is as good.

Ok I hate

Wow wish mine would sleep. HOpe your third is as good.

LOL...This will sh1t you then. On Friday night Teika went to bed at 7 and Jed fell asleep on the couch at about 7.50pm. Jed woke just before 9 the next morning and I had to wake Teika at 9, cause I was worried about her sleeping so long!
well i have got 3 under 3 my 3 n 2 year old sleep all the way throw but my 8mth old he goes to bed about 8 and then wakes about 12 then again at 6am. i do not go to bed till about 10.but i do not go to sleepstraight away i watch a bit of tv and then go to sleep about 12 so im lucky if i get about 5 to 6hrs. plus my husband works nightshift 3pm till midnight so i do not sleep that well. im on antidepressions at the momentbt i might be getting off them as im putting to much weight on.

sarah kelly

Usually get 6-8 hours with a couple of interuptions, but last night DD3 woke at 2.30!!! didnt get back to sleep till 9am and only for 3 hours, so last night I got 2 1/2 hours, nearly ready to go to bed soon lol.
Dp no help he heard her at 5am got up tried to put her in bed with him she didnt want anything to do with it so he went back to sleep till 10.30. Here I was running round after a 1 and 4 yo running kids to school and having a plumber here fixing the loo, while he got his precious sleep!!!
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