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SLEEP???How many hours do you get? Lock Rss

of late i get about 1 hour!!!! and thats at about kidding! out of 8 kids i have 5 good sleepers 3 terrible ones, add the newborn inoto the mix, and i am seriously i do not know how i am functioning, but i am somehow, i suppose it will catch up on me sooner or later.. Generally i get a few hours , maybe 3 per night but again its a broken sleep, Gosh to have 3 hours constant sleep, i would feel completely

8 babies..5boys 3 girls

we have been soooo lucky with our DS, since having a sleep consultant when he was 8.5 months he has consistently slept thru without waking unless he is sick/teething/hot. i go to bed quite early usually, 9.30pm, and DS wakes around 5.30 to 6.30am. so thats 8 or 9 hours.

i am really enjoying this while i can because i know once our new bub arrives i will have to get used to 2 hourly feeds etc...kinda dreading it but once it starts happening i will just have to deal with it lol!!!

Reading back on the other posts i think im pretty lucky considering. DS is 2 and most nights sleeps thru from 8-7 although latley im getting up for him too, DD (newborn) sleeps from about 9/10pm-3/4am and then goes back down till about 7/8am. However since having kids i dont think i ever slept as good as i did before kids, like Bridiejob said you sleep with one ear open just waiting for them to wake!
Also although my DS is now a good sleeper i paid the price for the first 8months of his life were he rarely slept!
I get about 10 hours. I am always the first awake at my place. I am blessed with a sleepy baby this time around but I ALWAYS get up at least once to go to the toilet!
Posted by: chntlrose
At the moment, no sleep!! My 4 mth old is currently waking every 1-2 hours. My DS1 was also a terrible sleeper in his first year but when he turned a year old he started sleeping 12 hour nights and still does unless sick which is rare.

So yes I can remember when I last got a full nights sleep and I can't wait for it again!!

1-2hrs!!! Oh you poor thing i hope things get better for you soon!
I better not say in case he hears me
HAHA Whats sleep LOL

At the moment my sleep is usually broken up into 20-40 minute blocks depending on how often Hannah is up, I am also usually awake for 2-3 hours in the middle of the night with her.

Locky is fantastic, usually in bed around 730-8 and gets up around 630-7 he also has a good day sleep of 2 hours most days, if he has had a late night or two though he will sleep for 3 hours -3 and half hours in the day.

The longest sleep I have had since Hannah was born 11 months ago would be around 3 hours once or twice but that is usually when she is sedated

Fingers crossed it will improve after we fly to Melbourne this week to see her new specialists

Lucky me. Both my girls were all night sleepers by week 6. So now the are both in bed at 8:30-9pm and they don't wake until 6am, even though the youngest is now 9 weeks. It gives me a little 'me' time in the evening which I am very grateful for. And I really do feel for others less fortunate...
LockynHannahsMum -
Maybe it runs with the name Hannah! My Hannah doesn't sleep either! Just found out she has sleep apenoa with other things so crossing my fingers that once we see specialist and get that sorted it may help! I get excited if I get 4hours and that is broken.
Sleep?!? What's that??? Last week I had a total of 12hrs sleep over 2 nights and was up a total of 10 times those same nights....

My DS#1 hardly sleeps, he is now 10 & when he turned 5 we said don't wake us unless your scared or sick, so he reads 'til late (11pm-ish), and gets up for a drink/loo etc. DS#2 sleeps like a rock, 10hrs straight (have bed wetting issues tho)...

DD#1 (3yo) wakes sometinmes 3-5 times/night and DD#2 (5mths) wakes every 1-3hrs...

Sleeping is over-rated, I know I'd be a lot nicer if I got more, but figure I'll catch up when I'm elderly lol! ***yawn* <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

Mum of 4 blessings - TAS.

i'm qiute lucky Riley goes to bed at 730 and i give him a bottle when DP gets up for work then he sleeps untill about 8. so about 7 8ish hours depending when my shows finish LOL

Well you are not going to like

The kids go to bed at around 8. I go to bed around 10.30pm. I have my alarm set for 6.45am, I then up and get ready for work in peace.

I then wake the eldest at 7.30am, and get him dressed and feed him breakfast. I have to physically feed him as he just wont eat brekky otherwise.

I then wake the youngest at around 8.00am. Get her dressed and give her a bottle.

I then leave for work at 8.15am.

I will hear from at least one or both of them during the night maybe 2 times a week. It will go in waves though. So sometimes Jed will wake once a night for 3 nights straight, then not again for a month.

My good luck is coming to an end though, as I am pregnant and having pelvis problems so have started waking during the night, and I am sure I couldn't be blessed with 3 good sleepers once this new one arrives!
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