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SLEEP???How many hours do you get? Rss

I have 3 kids all under 7 and I can't remember the last time I had a good 8 hours! just wondering how many hours you get and how long has it been since you had a good night sleep?
I get about 6 or so hours a night, but not in one hit. Lately its been quite bad cos the kids are both sick. But I even find now that even if they don't wake during the night, I still will.

I used to be a really heavy sleeper, but now the slightest noise will wake me. I'm happy if I can sleep for 4 hours without waking in a night.

i have 3 kids 3 and under...
i havent had a sleep through the night since DD1 was born!!! she was a very difficult child and still doesnt sleep through the night (she is 4 in may)
DD2 and DS are good sleepers thank god, unless they are sick and since they usually all get sick at the same time i dont get any sleep lol.
on a good night i get bout 5 hours sleep, but thats ok i can deal with that in fact i deal pretty well no matter how much i dont sleep, unless its been going on a week then i NEED DF to take over for a cpl night or at least let me have a lie in for a cpl of mornings lol.
but most nights i average about 3 hours (thats broken sleep)
DF is generally pretty good and lets me sleep in on weekends, and that works for us lol

It's been about 7.5years since I had a decent sleep! As far as I'm concerned sleep is over-rated

Seriously though, with 4 kids there is always someone up and about and I am a light sleeper so even one of them turning over in bed wakes me let alone having them thump around to go to the

As for hours, I probably sleep around 5/6hrs a night. Not enough and these past few weeks the sleep deprivation is starting to show.
I could count on both hands the amount of times I've slept more than 4-5hrs a night since I fell pregnant with DD1 in 1994!!!!!! I had a hell of time getting to sleep when carrying her and for some reason it's been like that ever since. Even the 7yrs that I was on my own with just the 2 girls I still couldn't sleep properly when they were at their dad's every 2nd weekend.

Now that we've got the 2 boys under 2 I still haven't managed to get myself into a good sleeping pattern and it's driving me nuts. DF has been helping out more now that he's home studying by getting up with the boys and letting me sleep but most of the time it's pointless because as soon as I hear a peep out of either of them I'm awake anyway so then I lay there dozing on and off and I feel like crap when I finally get up.

I'd kill for 8hrs straight but when I do manage to sleep longer than my usual 4-5hrs, I feel awful cos I've slept too long.......I can't win!!

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

I usually go to bed at around 12 and DD2 wakes at 6am. If i'm lucky she has a quick feed and I can sleep until I have to get up or until DD1 wakes at around 7:30am. If I went to bed earlier I could sleep longer but i'm generally okay with the 6 hours followed by a quick cat nap.
I usually go to bed at around 12 and DD2 wakes at 6am. If i'm lucky she has a quick feed and I can sleep until I have to get up or until DD1 wakes at around 7:30am. If I went to bed earlier I could sleep longer but i'm generally okay with the 6 hours followed by a quick cat nap.

im like this too lol, i usually dont go to bed till 12ish but dont get a straight sleep. between the 3 of them there is always someone needing my attention never at the same time though lol
if i go to bed earlier i wake up feeling like crap with a headache because ive slept too long lol

I'm not sure how much sleep I get... not a lot, and not in a decent chunk either.

Last night went to bed at about 9.30-10, got woken up at 11 (DD), then at 12 (DS) then again at 1(DS) then at 3(DD) and then woke up busting for loo at around 5ish and DD got up just before 7 and I woke up when she turned the TV on..

That was a bit excessive, even for this house - DD usually wakes up at least once a night to use the loo and always, despite me telling her not to, wakes me up to tuck her back in. Lately DS has been waking up too... I give him a milk and that gets him back off to sleep without a fuss usually.

Well I'm spoilt, now that my babies are abit older (19months and 3.5), I usually average 7-7.5 hours most nights, sometimes I even get between 8-9 hours bliss!!! Unless their sick then I feel like I'm being punished smile, but all in all, I think I'm damn lucky by the sounds of things.
Jana1 - oh how we envy you!! Did you have to post that and brag! LOL.

I couldnt remember the last time i got more than 2-4hrs straight sleep. At least 10 years anyhow! I too am a very light sleeper and hear EVERYTHING during the night, the dog walking around the yard, the neighbours coming home, the baby throwing herself against the cot, the kids turning over in their beds, my DH snoring [of course i hear that, he's right next to me!]. etc etc. Must sdmit though after a damn good bit of love making I do fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly - now if only I could stay awake more oftne during the week to do it every night I think I'd be right! lol
Yeah sorry about that, I sort of thought that as I posted but, I'm not as lucky as my BF, she has 3 kids and she would get probably 9 hours every night!!!! So I'm envious of her smile
I get 8-9 hrs most nights unless i can't sleep or up doing school work till 12 but i still get 8 hrs than. That will be long gone in 4 months though damn.
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