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hi all

I am interested in other mum's experience of ABC learning centres, particularly in SA?
I've had a few issues and dont know if I should take it any further....

thanks heaps!
first of all, forget the whole bad rap that abc centres have. There are alot of bad centers, its just that there are so many abc that we tend to talk about them. ABCs are all different, as long as you like the centre you have seen, then put your child in there, all that matters is the carers are good to them and they are happy.
I am a preschool teacher and i have seen alot of abc's and from what i have heard, the only reason they are bad is because the staff don't feel appreciated by management because it is such a big company....just make sure that you child's carer is good


My eldest has been to lots of different child care -
I ran Family day care from home. - can't critique that. But she was never injured, did resent the other kids sometimes though. Aged 1-2yrs.
Raymond Terrace Early Child Hood Centre (newcastle nsw). Only went once a week for six weeks starting the day after her second birthday, (found out we were posted the day she started)! Can't complain, can't recommend due to short amount of time.

ABC Tindal NT aged 2 to 2 and half- Hell on Earth - she was bitten every week without fail - usually on the back! The last time the teeth marks were obvious for 6 mths afterwards. The staff comment was "but the boy has a tactile disorder". The only consequence for the child was he had to sit next to my daughter until she stopped crying (without any adult supervision to ensure he didn't do it again). After a couple of months (she went twice a week) I started to really complain about it, and the reaction was they then watched my daughter like a hawk to find anything she did wrong! They spent almost all day outside, only went in at nap time. They didn't let the kids play with water if it was under 30 degrees as they felt it was 'too cold'. She came home everyday with rash or swollen lips due to being given foods she wasn't allowed to eat when they knew of her allergies.
Canberra - aged 2 and half to 3. No child care as I didn't feel comfortable leaving her at any centre I could get her into.
Bossy Boots Murwillumbah aged 3 to 4. Loved it. Highly recommend it. Katie the director was fab.
Steiner school preschool - aged 4, attended for 1 term. Highly recommend it. They really look after the children well. She loved going. Lots of play experiences you can't get anywhere else - they are encouraged to experience the natural surroundings - play hide and seek in the gardens, climb, play with water etc.
Parkes Early childhood centre - aged 4 and half to 5. She loved it, I hated it. Am counting down the days till she finishes as there is no communication with the families. Over three terms the only notes we get are related to requests for help with fund raising. No info on what happens in the rooms. Her little sister hates it and I'm moving her to another centre.

If I had to rank the five - the worst was ABC TIndal, second worst is the one she attends presently - Parkes ECC, then Raymond Terrace, then tied first between Steiner preschool and Bossy Boots. Bossy boots wins on communication Steiner on facilitating true growth and development in all areas.
i was with abc for 5 years, am qualified and have directed a few. i haven't worked for ABC for a few years now and have been directing different centre's.
every centre is different, whether that be an ABC centre or another childcare buisness that has more than one centre, they are all different, you cant judge them all into the one group, thats stereotyping. i've worked in different ABC centre's and they have all been different. the main point that was a problem that i found in the centres was nothing to do with the quality of care to the children or staff ratio's was the management side of things. the buisness was soo dam big, being a director and being in charge of the running of the buisness you still had to go through head office...impossible, dead ends, time consuming, no replies etc. it wasn't the was the buisness side of it. they didn't take care of their staff. i think thats all i had better say lol.
of course when their are centres with staff issues it does come down to your director and what they put up with..speaking for myself i have very high standards and expect a lot from my staff, i expect every individual child to be treated as if my own, taken care of and respected as i would my own child, rules and reg's are followed and hygiene, safety, training etc are right up there, i don't put up with anything less.
depends on your issues..feel free to share your concerns you have and i can tell you your options. if something has caused you concern..follow what you believe is right, don't question it.might be fixed by simply having a chat with the director at your centre and making her aware of the issue so she can act on it immediately.

Danni, WA,

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