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getting pregnant on the pill... Rss

not sure where to post this but im just wondering if you happen to get pregnant when youre on the pill will you still get your period??
thanks =)
umm everyone is different. some people do. i fell pregnant on the pill and dont remember getting a period. hth

mum to one goregous boy

hey, i fell pregnant with DS1 & DS2 on the pill, i didnt get a period either time lol
I got pregnant on the pill, however i guess you could say that it was my fault...
I had been on the pill for around 3 years [non-stop]. When i went to the chemist to fill the scrip they asked me if i wanted to go for a cheaper brand [as the brand of pill i was on was supposed to help with pimples] my face had cleared up i decided to try the cheaper brand.
So the next period i got, i switched over. i didnt think to use protection as the chemist explained to me that there is the same hormones in this pill so i didnt think to even use anything [condoms].
Anyways when i didnt get my period the next month i just put it down to the new pill etc. I then started feeling sick and light headed. I went to the doc and explained my symptoms. I told her about the pill change and she said that she wanted to do a pregnancy test just to rule it out. The poor doc, i actually argued with her, telling her that i'm not pregnant. I ended up doing 3 urine tests [all positive] but i still didnt believe it...i told her that she must have a faulty batch of tests. She did a blood test and called me the next day to tell me that i was in fact pregnant....i nearly died with shock.
The doc did say that it was rare to get pregnant on the pill even if i changed over as both pills had the same hormones etc and i had been on the pill for 3 years...oh well it was just meant to be.
But i now have my little boy, Xavier and couldnt be more happier.
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