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Feeling depressed..should i go back to work??? Rss

I have a beautiful, very active 14 month old boy. My partner left me for another woman just over a month ago and i am left with the rent, all the bills and everything else. I have no money and no savings and just living off the pension. My ex is only assessed to pay me $12.36 per fornight [big woop] but he hasnt given me a cent so far, now he and his new love have moved away to QLD [i live in sydney]to start their [new life]. He told me when he left that too much of my time is taken up with 'his son' and that i dont get to do anything for 'him' anymore - mind you, he hasnt worked for 6 months and layed on the lounge all day every day, except for the weekends when he would go out for 3 days at a time. I would do absolutley everything on my own - the shopping, the cleaning, the cooking, looking after 'his son', he never lifted a finger. You know i'm actually glad that he's gone and i'm trying really hard to get my life in some sort of order....BUT, the other day i rang him and asked if he could give me some money towards the bills. I had the gas, electricity and phone bill all due at the same time and he was living here when these bills were accumulated. Anyway he got the sh*ts with me and i could hear his woman in the backgroud saying - "tell her to go get a job" [which i do have a job, i'm just on leave at the moment]. I was so upset, at first i thought, how dare she - but now i am thinking that maybe i should go back to work. For 2 days now i have been searching for childcare centres, however they are all full...I dont really feel ready to put my son into childcare, he is only little once and i dont want to miss that time i have with him. Because of what she said, i have been left feeling like a bum - should i be feeling like this? PS. he didnt give me any money towards those bills and just to top things off - this new woman has a 4 year old son, dnt you think she should have a little understanding towards me, shouldnt she be on my side? shouldnt women stick together?
Don't let anyone make you feel bad for wanting to be with your child. Your ex is the one who should be taking a good look at himself - $12.36 per f/n, what a joke.

She sounds like quite a woman. I wouldn't let her worry you. From what I can gather, she sounds like she deserves him.

You should do what you think is right for you and your child, who cares what they think?
What a loser. Him, not you of course! If anything that other woman should feel ashamed of herself, she's robbed a child of his father, stupid cow, sorry I've had a bad day so that whore can cop it!
But on the work side of things, maybe going back to work will make you feel better about yourself. I know when I was home with my DD I started feeling really sad & started to isolate myself from people because I just felt low. I really love having that interaction with adults, it gives you something to talk about at the end of the day instead of how many times bub went to the toilet! Maybe just try 2 days a week or something, that was heaps for me to start with

omg what an ass.

i owe my uncle money and he is single and quit his job to live off the money every week to pay him back, now ive got two kids and partner and we just scrap though every pay.
i told him to get a job at least he would have money or get benifits from centrelink and he told me that im not a dole blugger like you, i told him to get f##ked and i never wanna speak to him again.
he doesnt have a morgage or pay rent, he lives off $30 food aweek, i couldnt beleive what he said.

but ive tried to work and its so expensive in childcare with 2 so ive given up i get more money to stay home.

i can understand u feel upset and should return to work, but dont feel pressured into it.
expesially in sydney with rent prices.

izacc,ethan and mya

I think you are better off without someone like that in your life.

Ring Centrelink and see if they can give you some numbers for some places that may be able to help with the outstanding bills. That may get you on track enough.

As for going to work don't just check out day care centres but also family day care and if you want to go back to work for a couple of days do it. Don't do it just because someone tells you that you should.

Good Luck with everything
What a loser, you are better off with out him, and it sounds like his new girlfriend isn't much better.

I wonder if she works?

Don't listen to them, you are not a bum, you are just in a difficult position, with a beautiful little boy who needs u.

If you think going back to work will make u feel better, then by means do it, don't do it because your horrible ex thinks u should.

Think about going to Centrelink or the Salvation Army they may be able to help you

Keep you chin up
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